She-Shedding Emotional Excess

For today’s blog, let’s focus on shedding emotional excess:
“Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your emotions.” ― Elizabeth Gilbert

Ayampe, Ecuador

“Are you okay?”, the Native American Healer asks me. Good question. I can hardly reply, so the answer must be “no”. She continues, “Because you look like sh!t. Your energy is f*cked.” I totally get it. It’s beyond vanity at this point. I have spent quite a few dollars changing my hairstyle, buying pretty flowersContinue reading “Ayampe, Ecuador”

Searching For A Great Cup-o-Joe Abroad

Traveling abroad can be stressful and energy draining. It can also be adventurous! Finding a more than adequate cup of coffee proved to be part of the adventure. Walking through some nice places, not so nice places, getting lost, and trying to ask for directions from people who do not speak English – created muchContinue reading “Searching For A Great Cup-o-Joe Abroad”

St. Constantine and Helen – Greece

About Helen and St. Constantine St. Helen was born at Drepanum (Helenopolis) in Asia Minor. Married to Constantius Chlorus, their son  St. Constantine the Great, was born in 274. Helen & Constantius were divorced in 294. Constantine out of great honor and respect, granted his mother the imperial title “Augusta,” after he became emperor, St.Continue reading “St. Constantine and Helen – Greece”

Teaching Yoga from Abroad

As I stated in my last blog, I traveled to Greece and Croatia last month. This was at the peak of the classes I was teaching at an art gallery in Greeley, Co.  The students were excited for me, however, I didn’t want them to miss any classes. Therefore, I took some time on myContinue reading “Teaching Yoga from Abroad”

Moab, Utah

“The Biblical name Moab refers to an area of land located on the eastern side of the Jordan River. Some historians believe the city in Utah came to use this name because of William Pierce, the first postmaster, believing that the biblical Moab and this part of Utah were both “the far country”. However, others believeContinue reading “Moab, Utah”