She-Shedding Emotional Excess

For today’s blog, let’s focus on shedding emotional excess:
“Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your emotions.” ― Elizabeth Gilbert

The Throat Chakra – Be Real

Happy Easter! So, what does this holiday have to do with the Throat Chakra? I am glad you asked! For me, this year, Easter and the Throat Chakra are a beautiful combination. Easter celebrates The Resurrection of Christ and Rebirth. The Throat Chakra is representative of creativity and communication. I have recently experienced a rebirthingContinue reading “The Throat Chakra – Be Real”

I’m ready to “Pause”

1984 Klymaxx burst onto the music scene with “The Men All Pause”! Although not anthemic, the song became a regular chorale for myself and many young women of the 80’s! meno – From Greek mēn ‘month’. pause – Late Middle English: from Old French, from Latin pausa, from Greek pausis, from pausein ‘to stop’. Here we are 30+ years later and it isContinue reading “I’m ready to “Pause””