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Are you on a High Protein Diet?

Over a year ago, my doctor put me on the Ketogenic Diet.  Although I initially rolled my eyes at the thought of another diet, I went ahead with it.  Am I ever so glad I did! I had to lose 30lbs. for my back pain.

I have since lost said 30lbs and not only has my back improved, my health has drastically as well!

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There are many great products online and I had fun creating some protein drink hacks. I have always enjoyed Starbucks Passion Lemonade and was able to create a protein substitute of this drink – with only 1 gram of sugar per serving!

While I was in Croatia, Nescafe 3 in 1 was all the rage. Though this was against my plan, I chose to indulge as I enjoyed the beauty of this lovely country. So when I returned, I looked for a close substitute. This was easy, with Proteinwise Proticcino! My concoction is very low in sugar and high in protein!

Who doesn’t love Hot Apple Cider? Proteinwise Apple Drink has absolutely no carbs (this means no sugar!) Combined with Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice Tea, and you have a yummy Hot Apple Cider drink! Can’t even tell there is no sugar! It does contain Sucralose.

Where to Get These Yummy Protein Supplements

Disclaimer: I am affiliated with this company. Why?

  • Because they are awesome and sell all of the protein items listed below.
  • They provide free shipping on products over $69!
  • Additionally, every package I have received from Nashua Nutrition includes some freebies!

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Searching For A Great Cup-o-Joe Abroad

Traveling abroad can be stressful and energy draining. It can also be adventurous! Finding a more than adequate cup of coffee proved to be part of the adventure. Walking through some nice places, not so nice places, getting lost, and trying to ask for directions from people who do not speak English – created much anticipation for that golden cup…of Joe!

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Athens, Greece

Mind the Cup

This was a lovely place to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful day while drinking our coffee. Located near the shopping area, it gave us just the right energy to walk through many streets and buy gifts for our loved ones.

We returned for another cup after shopping to get our second wind!

Tailor Made

Tailor Made was the first café we visited. After a loooong trek from our Airbnb spot, we arrived – 10 minutes before they opened. We found this out when the Barista rudely exclaimed this. So we took a couple seats on the patio table. After which, the Barista again reminded us that they were not open for another 10 minutes.

Although, I had a nice chat with a  waitress, who informed me that our Airbnb was located across the street from Lindsay Lohan’s nightclub. She then told me some stories about said club.

I cannot remember if the coffee was good because I could not get past the boorish barista! I would not recommend this place to anyone who enjoys good service.



By far, this was the best place in Athens. We visited this place twice! The Barista was a friendly gentleman, who wore a butcher’s apron. He shared stories and news articles about Coffee competitions. Additionally, he selected the best treats for us and we just went with whatever he handed over. We were not disappointed at all!

The general vibe of this café was awesome! From the décor to the pleasant staff. The cappuccinos were splendid, as was the food. Hands down, it was the service that made our day. This is a must go to café in Athens!

Santorini, Oia


We were welcomed by a lovely waitress named Sophia. She was on a smoke break and apologized. We laughed because Sophia was cute and funny in her apology. Sophia was a lot of fun, recommending that we eat as well as drink coffee.

My brother was especially amused by Sophia. This was a nice counterbalance to a stressful morning travel schedule. Just what the doctor ordered.

The view, friendly talks and of course, the coffee was perfect. If you are ever in Oia, GO to Passagio!

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Café Tramvaj

We had to laugh at the name of this place, which was about to close when we arrived. The Barista generously served us our much-needed cup of joe! The coffee was not the best, but we felt welcomed into this man’s world of Java!

My brother and I found that the people of Croatia were much friendlier than those of Athens.


Nestle 3 in 1

This little packet of gold is huge in Croatia. Not that it is healthy to drink every day, I really enjoyed it!  So much, that I came home and created my own blend, sans the cream with partially hydrogenated oil.

Whenever you visit Greece or Croatia, take some time to check out these places…And Stay  Blissful My Friends!