Moab, Utah

“The Biblical name Moab refers to an area of land located on the eastern side of the Jordan River. Some historians believe the city in Utah came to use this name because of William Pierce, the first postmaster, believing that the biblical Moab and this part of Utah were both “the far country”. However, others believe the name has Paiute origins, referring to the word “moapa” meaning mosquito.Some of the area’s early residents attempted to change the city’s name because, in the Christian Bible, Moabites are demeaned as incestuous and idolatrous. One petition in 1890 had 59 signatures and requested a name change to Vina. Another effort attempted to change the name to Uvadalia.Both attempts failed.” – Source: Wikipedia

This weekend, I took a road trip with the hubby to Moab for the Canyonlands Half Marathon. The stay was far too short. We are now setting a plan to visit, sans running competition.

It is mid-March and the temperature was 83 degrees! Being surrounded by red rocks is surreal. Unfortunately, I did not find time for Yoga. However, I took a nice walking meditation alongside a creek and it was blissful! Again, too short a trip. I did find this:


hmmm…maybe my daughter and I can attend!

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Moab is quite an attraction for runners, cyclists, Jeepers, and art collectors. You will find great hiking spots, especially the Arches National Park. The Petroglyphs are a stunning sight as well.

If you find yourself in Moab, UT, take some time to visit Hogan Trading Company. With its spinning sculptures, we found it difficult to leave this serene gallery!

Incestuous and Idolatrous?

I think not! We did find some time to find a local AA group and the people were down to Earth, inviting us to go bowling afterward. I feel the namesake “The far country”, is a far better description. Moab, UT is a whole different land in and of itself. Friendly environment, beautiful scenery, and a whole lot to do.

The Canyonlands Half Marathon

The course follows along a breathtaking panorama of the river to Hwy 191, turns east, then heads to the finish at Swanny City Park in downtown Moab.

The Canyonlands Half Marathon Philosophy states: In addition to striving for logistical perfection (an admittedly elusive goal), Moab Half Marathon, Inc. seeks to give back to the community and landscape that makes our events possible. We donate proceeds from the races to charities and non-profits, contribute to a scholarship fund for local graduating seniors and sponsor road cleanups for the three half marathons. We work to reduce the environmental impact of our races through various green initiatives, too. Additionally, our staff are involved in numerous community organizations, including Girls on the Run and the Grand County Cross Country Team. Source –


He’s pleased with his time!


Afterward, the hubby says to me, “I need a RedBull.” My reply, “Baby, you just ran 13 miles, you earned the right to put in your body, whatever toxic sh!t you wish!” Though I would never drink that garbage, I think to myself. Consequently, I am craving a RedBull the next day.

I tried to convince the hubby to stay an additional day, but he was determined to return home. I am determined to return to Moab, UT!