St. Constantine and Helen – Greece

About Helen and St. Constantine St. Helen was born at Drepanum (Helenopolis) in Asia Minor. Married to Constantius Chlorus, their son  St. Constantine the Great, was born in 274. Helen & Constantius were divorced in 294. Constantine out of great honor and respect, granted his mother the imperial title “Augusta,” after he became emperor, St.Continue reading “St. Constantine and Helen – Greece”

Are You Ready for a New Year?

It feels to me that many of us are finishing off 2015 by the skin of our teeth. I myself have had a rough end to a rather challenging year. Thankfully, we get to start a new year in just 5 days! I might have a few ideas to consider as we begin 2016…  Continue reading “Are You Ready for a New Year?”

The Elysian Life Part II.

I hope you enjoyed the tranquil first part of this series. I pray it spoke to your heart. That being said, sh!t is about to get real. Do you want an Elysian life? Are you prepared to do your utmost to attain it? Below are four more suggestions to help you get there! Quit being aContinue reading “The Elysian Life Part II.”

The Elysian Life Part I.

A warm summer sun is a delightful thought as we feel the cold of a snowy evening here in Northern Colorado. But do we need it to be sunny all the time to have an Elysian Life? This question is as metaphoric as literal. The word Elysian is defined as “Blissfull” or “Delightful”. What isContinue reading “The Elysian Life Part I.”

Are we Ready for a Poetic Crossing?

      The concept of the Poetic Crossing is quite fascinating. I don’t necessarily have a desire to write such poetry (though I won’t rule that out completely).  I am rather intrigued by the philosophical background which touches my inner spirit. To get to my spiritual interpretation, I feel the need to explain whatContinue reading “Are we Ready for a Poetic Crossing?”

Honoring the Dead

Today is November 1 – Dia de los Muertos. It is also coincidently the anniversary of the death of our family icon, Edward Leighton Sr. commonly known as “Pop”.  Our family is no stranger to loss and unlike Pop and our grandmother Sophie, the family members we have lost have been far too young. For theContinue reading “Honoring the Dead”