New Name? – New Vision!


“Thoughts by EV” is now “Living Elysian”.  This being more applicable to the name my mother chose for me!

One more thing I didn’t appreciate in my mother: Her choosing my name.  I never liked my name growing up, preferring a more common name like Sarah or Lisa. Until the one day my then boyfriend (now husband) and I were looking up definitions of our names.

Blissful! Yes! Elysian Fields (Baseball related – good for two huge fans of the game!)  I love bliss. Want to share bliss. Just the word…Bliss! My word. My name. What a gift! Thank you Mama!

Join me today and seek bliss in your life. Speak the word bliss into your life today. And maybe go a little further and speak these words that I have just spoken:  Today, I will accept the gift of Living Elysian!

Blessings to all beings today. Namaste. – E

 elysian (From Websters Dictionary Online)adjective, ely·sian often capitalized \i-ˈli-zhən\

Definition of ELYSIAN  1:  of or relating to Elysium

2blissfuldelightful <elysian peace>

Examples of ELYSIAN
  1. isle and enjoying a life of elysian ease

First Known Use of ELYSIAN 1579

8 thoughts on “New Name? – New Vision!”

  1. Love this so much! What a beautiful and inspiring woman! A true sister of soul and spirit! Wishing us all much love and bliss! Love you my SOUL Sister!


  2. I think your name is beautiful. It fits you. Thanks for all your inspiring words of light, love and radiant joy. I love you always. – Soul Sista K.

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