Mondays With Michael – 2 for the Price of 1!

Well, since I spaced MWM last week, here are two of his beautiful poems for your reading pleasure. Good words from opposite sides of the spectrum.

Stay Blissful My Friends – E



Fear led me to drink, it covered up the pain, I didn’t have to think.
Fear stole my joy, nowhere to hide, I was a scared little boy.
Fear made me fake, smiling like a clown, but on the inside full of hate.
Fear kept me from shining, my heart hurt, always crying.
Fear helped me build a wall, in the end, it caused a big fall.
Fear had me swimming in the beers, every night lot’s of tears.
Fear wanted me to die, through God’s grace, Fear saved my life.
Fear brought me to my knees, through surrender and love, I came to believe…
Never Give Up…


The sun is shining what a beautiful day,

out of the cloud – out of the rain.

Reflecting back on my life, free from the pain.

My mind is clear, no longer insane.

Free from the booze, free from cocaine.

My God is good, good indeed.

I see the light, I came to believe.

Thank you creator, I am free…

Never Give Up…Live 2 Love.

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