Sunday Shot of Bliss IX. Discover Your True Self


Growing up, I always wanted to be anyone else besides me. I was loud, messy, obnoxious and brunette. All qualities I thought to be unlikable .

I spent a good part of my life being told how I should act, how I should dress and how I should talk.  The best day of my life was when I accepted who Elysia is. I am a woman, an addict, an alcoholic, and oh my dear God I am IMPERFECT!

I was married to a man at the time who it turned out, did not like the real Elysia. It’s all good. He divorced me and we are both much happier outside of that union.

So, the real me is loud, messy, obnoxious and still a brunette (with highlights). Oh how I love the real me. Far more likeable than the fake me. Funny how perception changes nothing yet changes everything.

Do you know the real you? Do you love and accept the real you? If not, I think you will find actual joy in discovering your true authentic self.

It is time to stop apologizing for who we are. Please don’t get this confused with behaviors. Behaviors are separate of self. If you are behaving poorly, this might be a clue that you are NOT being your true self. Imagine that. Sometimes, we act out to cover up things about ourselves that don’t need to be covered up at all. So rather than cover, DIS-cover…You!


There is only one you. No one can take that away, and if they don’t like it…who cares?  They don’t have to live in your skin. But you, well you get to live there all the time. So enjoy and celebrate who you are without shame or embarrassment.

Here are 6 questions that will help you discover the real you:

  1. What do I absolutely love to do?

What do you love to do? What kind of music do you listen to? Do you have hobbies that are not considered “cool”?  Don’t make apologies for any of that. It is your life, own it! Join the Scrabble team, listen to Barry Manilow and sing along with him.

  1. Who are my ideal people?

I would say Elizabeth Gilbert.

  1. What is it about them that I admire most?

What I admire most about Elizabeth is how she fearlessly exposed her raw self. Her fears, her beauty and ugliness. Elizabeth is one who is deeply spiritual, yet with an informal and simple approach. Meek, yet powerful.

  1. What is it about myself that I am most proud of?

We all have accomplishments we can refer to.  It could be something as basic as doing a walkathon or organizing  a family reunion.   I once planned and executed a fundraiser for a local family in need. This was something I never thought I could do.

  1. If money were not an issue, what would I be pursuing in life?

Yeah, go big. Then you can pare this down to something realistic to your budget. Or, you might be ready to take a financial risk. Be bold!

  1. If I had no worries of other people’s judgment, what would my true goals in life be?

Again, don’t apologize for your dreams, your goals or your purpose. This is YOUR life. Live it and live it out loud!

Now Go! And Stay Blissful My Friends – E

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