I Am a Warrior & My Sword is Love

I go into to battle every day with no reprieve.

A soldier, a comforter and a queen.

Only there is no hate, no enemy to despise.

From the heart is where the battles arise.

Sickness, injuries, feelings of despair;

might fall upon those in my care.

I’ll pick them up, lift them up and empower their spirit.

With a full heart and strong, willful grit.

This woman warrior truly understands fears.

I stand with courage and wipe the tears;

of those who are willing to seek support.

Anyone who asks, I am happy to assist;

with loving arms and a virtuous kiss.

In every man, woman, and child, I see God’s beautiful light.

This is more the reason I fight;

for their spirits, their hearts, and their very lives.

I’ll take on humiliating blows from they who put me down.

It might sting, rock me a bit and jostle my crown.

I straighten it, stand firm and respond with ardor.

If it helps my opponent, I will even take more.

Because I need not strike, push or shove.

I Am a Warrior and My sword is Love.