Are You Ready for a New Year?

It feels to me that many of us are finishing off 2015 by the skin of our teeth. I myself have had a rough end to a rather challenging year. Thankfully, we get to start a new year in just 5 days! I might have a few ideas to consider as we begin 2016…


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Have we challenged our minds lately? Are we ready to step this up? Might there be a class or educational advancement you have been putting off? Time to let go of fear and hit it head on! A funny thing about getting back into studying, it makes you crave more. At least, that is the effect 2015 has had on me academically.


Is it time to build a habit of prayer, meditation, church or temple attendance? For myself, I am setting in motion my 21-day stay at an ashram in Hawaii.

What are the desires you have for your spiritual life? I miss singing in the church choir. The sweet sound of lifting up God in worship and praise!


The first part of January is always the busiest time of the year for most gyms. Most of us start out fierce and with good intentions, only to fizzle out in the middle of the year. Maybe just starting a walking program at work. I have been known to walk up and down the stairs at work during lunch to get a little exercise in. Some employers offer a workout space for their employees. There are a few good online Yoga programs you can use first thing in the AM in the comfort of your own home.

Do what works for you! Aaaand, don’t forget the bubble bath to soothe those tired muscles!


If you are working on the above items, you have already started working on your emotions. But if you have become a recluse, due to the cold weather, it might be a good time to meet up with a close friend for coffee and a chat.  Call your mother.  Call your father.

Talk to your significant other. You may be surprised at how much time has passed since you last enjoyed a productive conversation with your other half!


Some of us have no other choice but to reflect on last year and plan for the next. This is usually the season for performance reviews. But if you don’t have this option, do your own SWOT analysis. A SWOT is a review of:

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats

When you inventory these items, you will know what to keep doing, stop doing and start doing more. It is a rather simple process. You can also use this tool in the Mental, Spiritual, Physical and Emotional aspects of your life as well.


Another business that flourishes at the beginning of each year is home organization! Time to start re-arranging your surroundings for better functionality. Wabi-Sabi is a good discipline to study.  It might save you some money as well. Wabi-Sabi is basically the art of seeing the beauty in imperfection. But if you feel you must take action in changing your home, a book on Feng Shui might be a good start.



More and more of us have become aware of what Narcissistic Personality Disorder is. We are able to recognize it in the people we have been close to. We now also realize the effects of continuing our relationships to such toxic people.  Friends of mine have told me how they have chosen to cut things off with their narcissistic family members. I myself have had to do this. But we get to do this in love, by sending  them off with a blessing instead of a curse. The result is being comfortable in our own skin!

Then we get to appreciate and focus on the good, solid relationships we do have. I remember a woman I know crying over a slight by her narcissistic father following a monumental accomplishment she had just made. Later, she called all her supporters and apologized for spending so much of her energy on his negativity rather than their support. “I felt like an asshole.”, she despondently expressed to me. Narcissists have a way of bringing out the worst in most of us…

When we let go of the toxicity, it no longer clouds the positivity with all its drama and chaos. We remain focused. “Focused”, now that sounds like a power word for 2016! Stay  Blissful My Friends – E



What Dreams May Come

Photo by Dyaa Eldin

I have had a recurring dream of a hallway that opens up to an unknown bedroom.  I decided to take some time to review an interpretation of this dream:

“To see a hallway in your dream symbolizes self-exploration. It is the beginning of the path that you are taking in life. You are going through a transitional phase and journeying into the unknown. It also signals spiritual enlightenment, emotional growth, physical prowess, new opportunities and mental passages in your life.”

“To dream that you find or discover a new room suggests that you are developing new strengths and taking on new roles. You may be growing emotionally. Consider what you find in the discovered room as it may indicate repressed memories, fears, or rejected emotions. Alternatively, such rooms are symbolic of neglected skills or rejected potential.” [1]

This was “eye-opening”, pun intended! Here is what I gathered from these interpretations:


Photo by Dingzeyu Li


Without a doubt, self-exploration is vital. We don’t always like what we see, but the good and bad tell their individual truths. When we are willing to see the good, we not only acknowledge it, we can celebrate it as well. When we are willing to view the bad, we are able to shine light upon our darkness and work toward righting our wrongs.

Transitional Phase and Journeying Into the Unknown

Where I find myself at this time, I am indeed transitioning. This new phase includes my Yoga practice and certification, my writing and my roles at home and at work. Challenging myself educationally and emotionally this year has proven to be a bit stressful, emotional and equally rewarding.

When we choose to walk through the hallway of the unknown, we open ourselves up to experiences we might never have imagined. We take necessary risks that empower us to grow!

Are you ready for this? Then Go!

Spiritual Enlightenment

Ahhh yes! Now is as good as any time to gain spiritual enlightenment. This world could use a spiritual connection and it starts with our individual spirits.

Spiritual enlightenment does not have to take place in a temple or church though they can. Sometimes this enlightenment will happen in your living room or back yard. Maybe in nature or even in your car. Just be open to it and it will come.

You might read the Bible or ancient texts. Attend a spiritual workshop. Just remember to hold onto your mountaintop experience when you have gone back into the valley.

Photo by Brian Giauque

Physical Prowess

When our physical courage is challenged, we also experience growth. We may at times have to change our dietary habits, increase our fitness curriculum, and even give up some addictions. We gain much physical strength from these changes. Be of good courage my friends!

New Opportunities

Carpe diem! Seize the Day! No time like the present to seek new opportunities. Career change, a relationship, friendships, retirement, a stay at an Ashram…Go for it! I know I will be!

Mental Passages in Your Life

As with the physical, it is always good to advance mentally. Education is always a good start. But just reading a book or series of books that represent something challenging to your intellect is as valuable. I have many books on my “to read” list. I hope to get to at least one.

A few good books I have read lately:  Wild by Cheryl Strayed and Divergent by Veronica Roth. These books have inspired me to go outdoors, hike, camp, and question man’s inability to remain at peace with each other. I plan to keep that shit up! Reading that is…


Neglected Skills or Rejected Potential

We all have potential that we have yet to discover. Or maybe we have set it aside for another time and just forgot about it, “Out of sight, out of mind.” For me, it has been my writing. Last May, I purchased my website and started this journey. You might be an artist, a baker or an animal whisperer.

Set off on a voyage of discovery…inside your mind, body and heart/spirit!

Emotional Growth

2015 has been an exceptionally emotional year for me and my loved ones. I have been stretched further than I have been for many years. No regrets. I don’t particularly like emotional growth, but I accept it and I honor it as part of my humanness. I believe all emotion is God-given. So who am I to reject any of His gifts?

So go ahead and walk on down that hall and open as many doors as you wish! Stay Blissful My Friends – E



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The Elysian Life Part II.


I hope you enjoyed the tranquil first part of this series. I pray it spoke to your heart. That being said, sh!t is about to get real. Do you want an Elysian life? Are you prepared to do your utmost to attain it? Below are four more suggestions to help you get there!

Quit being a Whiny B!tch

Sh!t happens. Most of the time, we cannot control these circumstances. So let it the f*ck go. Really, you will feel peace and serenity once you accept the things you cannot change and then move on. When you whine about your situation, you not only hold yourself back, you also suck the energy out of the people around you. How effing selfish!! There is an old song written by Johnny Mercer that goes like this:

“You’ve got to accentuate the positive
Eliminate the negative
And latch on to the affirmative
Don’t mess with Mister In-Between
You’ve got to spread joy up to the maximum
Bring gloom down to the minimum
Have faith or pandemonium’s
Liable to walk upon the scene”

Really, it works. Try it. You will thank yourself. Your people will thank you. I know for a fact. I was once a chronic complainer. I complained about anyone and everyone around me. As if that would change them or the circumstance. It didn’t. It only caused me to be more miserable and people to avoid me at all costs.

Do you want good relationships? Then accept other people with as much love and tolerance you can muster. This could be difficult at first. Keep going. Practice, practice, practice…not being a whiny b!tch.

Stop Sabotaging Your Life
Why does it seem that the world is against you? Well, let’s take a look at the common denominator – YOU. Human beings tend to excel at shooting themselves in the foot. Stop. Take a pause and evaluate your motives, before you act or not act. Playing the victim or martyr role is not attractive at all.

Do you do any of the following:
• Shrink in the presence of others?

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” – Marianne Williamson

• Avoid emotions so as not to “rock the boat”?
Express yourself! If you have to curse, then curse. But get it out. Your feelings are valid. YOU are valid.

• Find yourself gossiping?
Well, stop that sh!t now! You don’t make yourself look better by making others look bad. This poor behavior is so evident and it defines us as such. I know I don’t want that label. Do you?

How do you know when you are sabotaging yourself? A simple gut check will suffice. All you have to do is take the time to evaluate. Slow-it-down. If you are still not sure, contact a trusted friend and get their take on it. Someone outside of the situation can give you their vantage point.


Get Off Your @$$ and do Something.
“Procrastination is a crime, that only leads to sorrow. I can stop at any time. In fact, I will tomorrow.” – Unknown

Do you have dreams? What actions have you taken lately towards your dreams? Dreams are as good as the measures you take to achieve them. If you are still dreaming, well then Wake the F*ck Up!! Time to do something.

Fear is the number one issue that paralyzes us. It is okay to feel fear. Acknowledge this fear and then move forward. With each item you check off your to-do list, the fear begins to shrink smaller and smaller. Then you experience fearlessness. You become a fierce tiger in this jungle we call “life”! Now go get yours!

Shit gets done in the conscious world

Be Spiritually in Tune With Your God.
Spirituality begets the Elysian Life. In part I, I posed this question “But do we need it to be sunny all the time to have an Elysian Life? The answer, of course, is “No.”

When you are in tune with your God, it is easier to overcome the above setbacks in your personal development. Knowing that your God loves you regardless of your past behavior and hindrances, gives you the confidence to move forward and let go of all of them.

Relying on The Most High, will create the fearlessness you need. You will understand the feeling of being comfortable in your own skin. You will know that under all circumstances, you can live the Elysian Life.

Stay Blissful my friends. – E

The Elysian Life Part I.


A warm summer sun is a delightful thought as we feel the cold of a snowy evening here in Northern Colorado. But do we need it to be sunny all the time to have an Elysian Life? This question is as metaphoric as literal.

The word Elysian is defined as “Blissfull” or “Delightful”.

What is a Blissful life to you? Is it knowing  your day will begin with a cup of coffee and end with a bowl of sweet ice cream? Meditative walks in nature? Your surrounding family and good friends? Your career even?

I believe we define our own bliss. My bliss is knowing that I am comfortable in my own skin. That under any and all circumstances, I remain at peace with myself and with others. My bliss is also in inspiring others to find their bliss…Their Elysian Life.

For many years, I knew no peace. No bliss. Just utter chaos and no direction. I lived without much purpose. Thank God for Spiritual Awakenings and wonderful teachers.

How did I find this bliss?  Not on my own. I found good people who were more than happy to share their “secrets” with me. Now I must pass them on to you!

How to attain the Elysian Life

Keep it Simple

It seems the happiest people don’t have a lot of stuff. Stuff includes material items, chaos, time, even friends. Though everyone benefits from friendships.

When you look at having too many material items, you will find that the more you have the more you stress over. This can be the same with friendships. A good inventory of your friendships will help you find which friendships are quality and which are more beneficial as acquaintances.

Setting your own personal boundaries in this area is not only beneficial, it is empowering. Knowing that you are not necessarily cutting people out of your life, just acknowledging their place in it. With much love, blessing, and peace.

Taking an inventory of your material items and your current “projects” is also valuable. Too much of anything will certainly cause a lot of unnecessary drama in your life

Service to Others

After you have sorted out the material items in your life, you might find yourself giving things away. This is good.

In addition, now that you have trimmed a good portion of your time, you will find yourself with a little extra. What to do with it? Give some of it away…for free. Whether you chose to volunteer at your church or place of worship,  help a non-profit or do random acts of  kindness. The United Way is a good start to find something.


Living with Gratitude

I know, I know, nothing new. But this is the truth! By keeping a gratitude journal and counting your blessings, you will find a much better attitude toward life and other beings.  Just trust me on this one. Keep a gratitude journal for 21 days and if you are not happy with it, you can have your miserable old life back. Something tells me you won’t be asking for it.

Letting Go of  Expectations

This one can be quite difficult. We all have our ideas of how things “should” be. Then there is reality. We fight this battle trying to reign supreme in how we want things to be in our lives, whether it is family, work, our communities.

I once, so infuriated with a co-worker complained to another and he asked me this simple question “Did you expect something else from her?”.  True, I did even though I knew her personality.

During the holidays, expectations can be at their worst. This is the best time to let it go.

I remember one Christmas Eve when my family all met up with each other at  my grandfather’s home. I was in my first year of sobriety and the first thing I did was take a swig of my grandfather’s eggnog as he was telling me about getting the eggnog free from the food pantry “Course I had to add the booze myself!” he exclaimed. Straight to the sink I went and spit that out completely!  He apologized, but I just laughed.

Then walked in Aunt “B” and cousin “Jo”.  Aunt B had been hitting the Tequila and Vicodin and cousin Jo was definitely on Adderall. So Aunt B is talking really slow, cousin Jo was talking really fast. I expect that around 4 am the next day Aunt B was going to ask cousin Jo “What the Hell did you just say?” Not taking this lightly. I just accepted the situation. As long as I felt safe, I just sighed and smiled. I then proceeded to lovingly, laughingly watch my little nieces and nephews open their gifts. It was a great holiday!

There is Nothing New Under the Sun

I will end this week and begin next week’s blog with this. Nothing I am sharing is new. People have been doling this wisdom out for centuries. Since I have experienced such a grand transformation in my life, I feel the need to pass these little nuggets along to you. I hope you will find them as helpful as I have over the years. Stay Blissful my Friends – E

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. – Ecclesiastes 1:9

Are we Ready for a Poetic Crossing?



move east
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The concept of the Poetic Crossing is quite fascinating. I don’t necessarily have a desire to write such poetry (though I won’t rule that out completely).  I am rather intrigued by the philosophical background which touches my inner spirit. To get to my spiritual interpretation, I feel the need to explain what a poetic crossing.

I came upon the term “poetic crossing in a small piece of an interview I was reading one day and though my interpretation differs slightly with that of the interviewer, we were close enough.

The most current description I found was from an article posted in the Georgia Review in the fall of 1976 [1].  It is a fairly dry, yet profound reading and after much time spent interpreting the author’s representation and leaning on my eldest son’s assistance, I found the interpretation that worked best for me.

My Interpretation:

A written (poetic) word that intervenes in the to-and-fro movement between metaphoric beliefs and an expression of pity or compassion.

One example the author used was taken from Wallace Stevens’ poem “The Snowman”. Further perspective regarding “The Snowman” was pulled from Wikipedia and I actually concurred with the writer’s thoughts.

snowman photo by Adam Excell via Unsplash

“Stevens has the world look at winter from a different point of view. When thinking of winter, one might think of a harsh storm. One might also think snow and ice to be a nuisance. Stevens wants people to see the opposite view. He wants the world to look at winter in a sense of optimism and beauty. He creates a difference between imagination and reality.” [2]

Global Poetic Crossing

It is difficult to avoid the topic of politics in this exceptionally unstable segment of history. But looking at everything going on around the world, are we globally heading toward a Poetic Crossing? Is it time to view our world differently? Might we be ready to be optimistic and see other nations in all their beauty instead of the harshness that is displayed in the media 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? I wonder if we even have a choice. It amazes me to no end how frightening this option is to people around the globe. And I ponder the fact that our fears are far greater than the actual results of such a crossing over.

National Poetic Crossing

Pretty much the same as above; with the addition of our extremely differing political parties, racial/ethnic backgrounds, regional cultures and passionate causes. We shout at each other (sometimes using the same rhetoric, yet with different circumstances) but we don’t listen to the other party’s argument. We have begun to look at anyone unlike us as something unattractive or as a nuisance.

I remember reading a magazine article back in the 1990’s about an experiment between Christian Pro-life women and women who considered themselves passionately Pro-choice. Before the event was to take place, each side had to write an opinion about the other. Not surprisingly, both ends of the spectrum used the word “Nazi” to describe the other. Sounds pretty darn spiteful to me.

The first activity had two women from each party (Pro-life/Pro-choice), sit on the floor opposite of one another. They were instructed to look into each other’s eyes but not say a word for a specific stretch of time. Before the time was up, just about every woman there was sobbing and hugging. They had begun to see each other through God’s eyes, as God’s creation. They experienced a manner of Poetic Crossing.

Do I see this happening at a greater level in this nation? At this point, I see no other way to go. Many say it cannot happen. But there is always faith. It seems at this time, there is far too much fear of the unknown. But we are not in control of the universal/spiritual realm. Bottom line we are not in control of God’s will.

Community-Wide Poetic Crossing

“I don’t like alternative people” – Quote from Rid of Me

Many of our communities run the same way they have for decades. We possess generational prejudices, traditions, and clashing lifestyles. We are diverse. What would happen if we were to start viewing each other in optimism and beauty? What might happen if we saw how we could use each other’s cultural/spiritual gifts, skills, and knowledge to improve the way our communities function? I believe that there is so much opportunity for efficiency in adopting such practices in our neighborhoods. Will it be perfect? Not at all. But I believe it will be better.

Many successful companies have implemented such culture. So have religious organizations. Every New Year’s Eve, religions from various nations join together in prayer. The event is called the International Hour for Peace. All differences are put aside and each religion joins together in unified prayer.


Personal Poetic Crossing

Of course, such a crossing would have to start within us at an individual level. Can we look upon things in a manner of compassion rather than hanging on to the beliefs that have been so ingrained in our thoughts that we have no possible way of looking at other truths?

“Festinger’s (1957) cognitive dissonance theory suggests that we have an inner drive to hold all our attitudes and beliefs in harmony and avoid disharmony (or dissonance)” – Simply [3].

Are we ready to cross over from this fear of disharmony? Am I? Are you? I hope so. Because when we have truly crossed over, I believe we will experience authentic bliss.

“Let’s cross over” – Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love)

Stay Blissful My Friends – E

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The Snow Man

I have been intrigued with the term “Poetic Crossing”, in a more philosophical manner. I wanted today’s blog to be written about said term, but I am finding that it is going to take more research to give it my best words.

However, in my ongoing research I have found a lovely poem that I feel compelled to share. Please enjoy these words by Wallace Stevens…and stay blissful my friends! – E

The Snow Man


 One must have a mind of winter
To regard the frost and the boughs
Of the pine-trees crusted with snow;
And have been cold a long time
To behold the junipers shagged with ice,
The spruces rough in the distant glitter
Of the January sun; and not to think
Of any misery in the sound of the wind,
In the sound of a few leaves,
Which is the sound of the land
Full of the same wind
That is blowing in the same bare place
For the listener, who listens in the snow,
And, nothing himself, beholds
Nothing that is not there and the nothing that is.


Wallace Stevens, “The Snow Man” from The Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens. Copyright © 1954 by Wallace Stevens and renewed 1982 by Holly Stevens. Used by permission of Alfred A. Knopf, an imprint of the Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, a division of Random House LLC. All rights reserved.

The Pink Pants


Mom is on her way to the mall and asks me if I want anything. Hmm…I have been living in Levi 501’s and flannels for most of the year. “Something pink.” I reply, not even knowing what I am asking for besides color. But my mom is good at figuring this stuff out.

She returns with a really cute pair of pink pants. They actually make me smile. A sober smile at the moment since I haven’t drank or drugged for a few days. Not because I don’t want to, the opportunity did not present itself to me. My mom has also bought a pretty, white ruffled top that might be a bit too tight around the chest. I don’t complain. It shows a little cleavage, just enough that I can get away with wearing it at the age of 13.

I meet up with my boyfriend at Petit Park later that afternoon. “What’s with the pink?” he asks. I shrug my shoulders. “Cute.”, he says. We hold hands and walk through the park not saying much. It is a mild spring day in Granada Hills, CA. Not a cloud in the sky, a strong sun, yet there is a soft breeze that keeps it from becoming too hot. Though if you were in a car, the heat would feel smoldering. If you stand in the shade, you would get goose bumps from the chill. On days such as these, I found myself rotating from shade to sun as I attempt to achieve the perfect temperature.

My boyfriend and I think we are in love for eternity, or at least por vida. We have no idea of each other’s future journey through drug addiction and institutions. Right now we only want to be together. They say love is blind and it can be. When you are young it is blind to any view of the future. All that matters is right here, right now. I believe this to be a gift. For if we were to see what was actually coming down the pipeline, we might have chosen not to go on at all.

Just as the pink pants only lasted a season, so did we as a couple. Though for many years we kept getting back together hoping to renew that feeling. To our disappointment, time and distance did not allow for it to happen. It would be like covering the pink pants with patches. Though it may work, the fabric will be forever altered.

So we both learned to chase other things. Our individual addictions. We found this to be the best way to break up for good. No hard feelings. Always a loving hug each time we ran into each other. Though these accidental meet-ups became fewer and further between until 25 years had passed without an encounter.

I’ve become quite patched up over the years, inside and out. Never the same. Sometimes looking good for the wear, sometimes not so good. But always different. Growth is like that. Life is like that.

So we learn to be grateful for the journey. Even when we remember the beauty of what we looked like when we were brand new and without any obvious flaws, we can appreciate the patches. We can also thank our Highest Power for mending us along the span of our lives.

Have you held onto an item of clothing for many years? Might it be a representation of something greater? If so, I would love to hear about it.

Stay Blissful My Friends – E

Mondays with Michael – Poem for her: Angel in the rain

I feel this writing is best for a rainy Monday afternoon. Thanks again Michael! Stay Blissful My Friends – E


Today I met an Angel a sweetheart while I was working in the rain.
This makes everything worth it, all the struggles, all the pain.
She made me hot coffee, and gave me a warm smile.
Unconditional love for miles and miles.
She doesn’t know it but she made my day,
What a beautiful soul, this is God’s grace.
If I never see you again, I want you to know.
You remind me of my granny, I love you.
You’ll always be my friend.
Never Give Up…
Live 2 Love…

The Legend of La Llorona

La Lorona

Halloween! My favorite time of year. I love to dress up, watch scary movies and tell ghoulish tales. One of my favorite stories would be…The Legend of La Llorona! One does not simply say her name. No, it is spoken in a terrifyingly elaborate way “LA LLOOOOROOOOONAAAAA!”. There are many different tales of La Llorona, but the one that my family was told went as follows:

The Weeping Woman
(La Llorona)

by Joe Hayes

Long years ago in a humble little village, there lived a fine-looking girl named Maria Some say she was the most beautiful girl in the world! And because she was so beautiful, Maria thought she was better than everyone else.

As Maria grew older, her beauty increased And her pride in her beauty grew too When she was a young woman, she would not even look at the young men from her village. They weren’t good enough for her! “When I marry,” Maria would say, “I will marry the most handsome man in the world.”

And then one day, into Maria’s village rode a man who seemed to be just the one she had been talking about. He was a dashing young ranchero, the son of a wealthy rancher from the southern plains. He could ride like a Comanche! In fact, if he owned a horse, and it grew tame, he would give it away and go rope a wild horse from the plains. He thought it wasn’t manly to ride a horse if it wasn’t half-wild.

He was handsome! And he could play the guitar and sing beautifully. Maria made up her mind-that was, the man for her! She knew just the tricks to win his attention.

If the ranchero spoke when they met on the pathway, she would turn her head away. When he came to her house in the evening to play his guitar and serenade her, she wouldn’t even come to the window. She refused all his costly gifts. The young man fell for her tricks. “That haughty girl, Maria, Maria! ” he said to himself. “I know I can win her heart. I swear I’ll marry that girl.”

And so everything turned out as Maria planned. Before long, she and the ranchero became engaged and soon they were married. At first, things were fine. They had two children and they seemed to be a happy family together. But after a few years, the ranchero went back to the wildlife of the prairies. He would leave town and be gone for months at a time. And when he returned home, it was only to visit his children. He seemed to care nothing for the beautiful Maria. He even talked of setting Maria aside and marrying a woman of his own wealthy class.

As proud as Maria was, of course, she became very angry with the ranchero. She also began to feel anger toward her children, because he paid attention to them, but just ignored her.

One evening, as Maria was strolling with her two children on the shady pathway near the river, the ranchero came by in a carriage. An elegant lady sat on the seat beside him. He stopped and spoke to his children, but he didn’t even look at Maria. He whipped the horses on up the street.

When she saw that, a terrible rage-filled Maria, and it all turned against her children. And although it is sad to tell, the story says that in her anger Maria seized her two children and threw them into the river! But as they disappeared down the stream, she realized what she had done! She ran down the bank of the river, reaching out her arms to them. But they were long gone.

The next morning, a traveler brought word to the villagers that a beautiful woman lay dead on the bank of the river. That is where they found Maria, and they laid her to rest where she had fallen.

But the first night Maria was in the grave, the villagers heard the sound of crying down by the river. It was not the wind, it was La Llorona crying. “Where are my children?” And they saw a woman walking up and down the bank of the river, dressed in a long white robe, the way they had dressed Maria for burial. On many a dark night, they saw her walk the river bank and cry for her children. And so they no longer spoke of her as Maria. They called her La Llorona, the weeping woman. And by that name, she is known to this day. Children are warned not to go out in the dark, for, La Llorona might snatch them and never return them. [1]

As a child, this story was indeed used as a warning against going out at night. My older sister even had a friend who managed to escape from La Llorona, but with a huge scratch on her neck that would scar her for life!

As an adult, we can still find some warnings from Maria’s numerous sins; Vanity, Pride, Envy, Rage, Murder. Maria did not acknowledge her sins and so they continued to feed each other. The end result wasn’t just murder/suicide but that she would roam the afterlife no longer known as Maria but “The Weeping Woman”.

Did you catch her dramatic question: “What have I done?!” How many times have we asked ourselves the same thing? Though our sins have probably not taken us to such an extreme, it is good to see what happens when we do not confront our darkness. Darkness is a part of our nature. It is only when we acknowledge said darkness that we can let God’s light of love shine down on us.

So this question “What have I done?” is a good one to ask. If we can identify the answer, then we are ready to make right whatever wrongs we have made in the past. Then we don’t have to roam the world aimlessly weeping. Instead, we get to embrace joy. Embrace bliss! So don’t beat yourself up too much when you find yourself asking this question.

Enjoy this Halloween season and Stay Blissful my Friends! – E

I’m really trying to be scary here…

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Mondays with Michael – The Promises


The promises are coming true, I can look in the mirror, I love you.
Recovered from a hopeless state of mind.
Reborn, awakened, here to help others, here to save lives.
It’s not about me, it’s about what I can give.
I’ve surrendered, I’ve been set free.
I crawled up out of the depths of hell.
I cried, I got honest, I came to believe.
I am a miracle, I can finally see.
Thank you God for this gift from above.
From this day forward, I’m here to love…
Never Give Up…
Live 2 Love…