Who is Today’s Teacher?


Sometimes people tell me I have a nice voice.  I  reply “No, if you want to hear a singer, you should meet my daughter”.

Some people call me an artist. I reply “No, if you want to see an artist, you should meet my son”.

Some people tell me I can write.  I reply “No, if you want to read something that will blow your mind, you should read my oldest son’s work”.

I raised them. I taught them. But who really taught who?  I believe I learned more from each one of my children. Possibly more than I could ever offer as a teacher.

At the age of 40, after overcoming many traumas, I got this tattoo representing all that I had learned up to that point.  Three of those roses, represented what I learned from each child:

Blue = To attain the impossible & perception
(psychic change)

Red = Love, Respect, Courage

Orange = Enthusiasm, Support, Autumn – Son

Gray = Wisdom, Knowledge, Modesty – Oldest Son

Pink=Feminine, Vitality, Emotional Maturity – Daughter

So I ask you who is your teacher today?  Is it your boss, who shows you what a true leader is?  Is it your mother, who just does what needs to be done? Could it be your dog who shows you how to be content?  Is it that noisy neighbor who teaches you how to be quiet?

Someone once told me that everyone is a teacher. Some teach us how we want to be and some how we don’t want to be.  My choice is to be open minded enough to learn. No judgement, just observation.

Stay Blissful my friends! – E

New Name? – New Vision!


“Thoughts by EV” is now “Living Elysian”.  This being more applicable to the name my mother chose for me!

One more thing I didn’t appreciate in my mother: Her choosing my name.  I never liked my name growing up, preferring a more common name like Sarah or Lisa. Until the one day my then boyfriend (now husband) and I were looking up definitions of our names.

Blissful! Yes! Elysian Fields (Baseball related – good for two huge fans of the game!)  I love bliss. Want to share bliss. Just the word…Bliss! My word. My name. What a gift! Thank you Mama!

Join me today and seek bliss in your life. Speak the word bliss into your life today. And maybe go a little further and speak these words that I have just spoken:  Today, I will accept the gift of Living Elysian!

Blessings to all beings today. Namaste. – E

 elysian (From Websters Dictionary Online)adjective, ely·sian often capitalized \i-ˈli-zhən\

Definition of ELYSIAN  1:  of or relating to Elysium

2blissfuldelightful <elysian peace>

Examples of ELYSIAN
  1. isle and enjoying a life of elysian ease

First Known Use of ELYSIAN 1579