3 Tools to Help You Shed the Excess [Infographic]

While working on my “Shed the Excess” series, I am utilizing my tools more and more. Of course, I need to organize these tools for easy access. Thus, I created an Infographic for your viewing — and downloading pleasure. A few key reminders while you shed the excess: Don’t take yourself so seriously – haveContinue reading “3 Tools to Help You Shed the Excess [Infographic]”

The Six Main Paths of Yoga

Approaching my stay at Konalini¬†Ashram in Hawaii for Yoga Certification training, I have found a wealth of information in a book my husband bought me. “Health & Wellbeing Yoga” by Charmaine Yabsley and David Smith. One of the most fascinating would be the Six Main Paths of ¬†Yoga. Bhakti Yoga Bhakti is a spiritual pathContinue reading “The Six Main Paths of Yoga”