How We Weather the Storms


While at the airport in Kentucky last week, I was alerted to another flight delay. It was only about a half hour but I knew I wouldn’t make my shuttle. No problem, I was already on the phone organizing a lunch for a group of people in Colorado for the following day.  So I called the shuttle service next and they put me on a later scheduled ride.

Almost two hours later, the plane had barely arrived. I was starting to get hungry and knew that this would make me cranky so I grabbed a quick salad. Came back to the gate, with salad in hand to see that a storm had just moved in. I sighed, sat down and waited to hear if we were leaving. Then I softly whispered the first part of the Serenity Prayer:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change…

Daily Contact-PA-EVALDIVIA8

We did board, as the storm was passing rather quickly.  While looking out at the raindrops on my window, I had an epiphany:  Having daily contact with God isn’t a guarantee that we will not go through storms. Rather, we will face them with courage, dignity, grace and peace.  Ah, how I love epiphanies!

So how do we weather the storms?

Well we first start out quietly in daily communication with our God. With all the spirituality around us, prayer sounds kind of cliché. Maybe it is. But it works. How it works? I am not an expert, I just know that it does. But Elysia, I don’t even believe in God. That’s okay! This is where that saying “Fake it, ’til you Make it.” comes in hand. See, you are faking it for yourself and not others. So it’s okay.

And really, when you take a good look at the concept of prayer, you might realize that God does NOT need us to pray to him. No, prayer is for our own benefit.  The benefit of letting go of what is on our minds and in our hearts. To put it all into perspective.  So if you are faking it, well God already knows and is okay with it. You can’t bullshit God, he understands what is going on deep within you.


And then someday, you will find that you are doing this prayer thing with all sincerity and you might not even know when it happened. You will experience this peace of mind and comfort of the heart.

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; 7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7

Anxiety used to visit me daily. Now, it is such an uncommon occurrence in my life. So much that when it does happen, I have to quickly calm myself from the fear of fear. Ha! Not a bad place to be. I do know that God is no respecter of man, so if I can get over anxiety anyone can!

When we start a daily routine of conversing with God, we are building a strong foundation beneath us. This foundation WILL be rocked by storms. Sometimes, the weather will be calm. But through both circumstances, we stay calm and steadfast. We might feel that the foundation is about to give, but we know that it won’t. We might feel a bit shaky, but we remain still regardless.

My husband once remarked about my calmness during financial distress. Well, I don’t like it. But I know it will pass. I have had plenty and I have had few. Through it all, I was always provided for and could still experience joy.

I know great pain and suffering through my fight with Gastroparesis. But I know my God and I always knew the flare up would pass. The flare ups and then finally a good 18 month remission.  And I believe that I am now cured of Gastroparesis.


Sometimes I worry about losing what I have – and I have so much  maybe not material-wise but I have never been about material anyway. So, when I worry I just remember that I own NOTHING. All has been given by and given back to GOD! Whatever storms I will face, I will weather them – Joyfully, Blissfully!

Stay Blissful My Friends! – E