GPAwarenesIn 2010 I was diagnosed withGastroparesis.  After a few months of not being able to eat, feeling the fear and shaking my fist at God, I started to research how I could live with this condition.

I found many other women online who were more than happy to share with me how they were doing life.  These women were some of the most courageous people I had ever encountered. With the many trips to the ER, feeding tubes, lack of a quality of life – they exemplified bravery and a strong faith in God. This I wanted for myself so I mirrored them and became them. I see myself as one of the bravest women I know today! – From 4 Things You Really Should Know About Emotions

Monday’s with Michael – Alone


Thank you Michael for this description of what each and everyone in Recovery experiences. This is raw, this is real. Stay Blissful – E

This weekend I feel all alone, like a little boy with no home.

As hard as I try, I don’t know why, some days I still cry.

I guess I’m full of fear, I’ve been praying all day God, can you hear?,

I’m not mad, maybe a little frustrated, and a little sad, today I really miss my Dad,

I know this too shall pass, I should be more thankful. I’m free at last.

Free from the disease. I continue to fight on, I continue to believe.

I’m truly blessed, I know God loves me, some days are still hard.

That’s just a fact, but I never give up, I stay on track.

Even when I cry, I know I’m healing, dealing with life on life’s terms, feeling my feelings.

I wish I had more friends, I’m really never alone, I’ll have God to the end…

Never Give Up…
Live 2 Love…