Going With The Flow

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When I was a child, my stepfather would often tell me that I had a cry-laugh. This is because, I would be crying one moment and laughing the next, while still trying to hold on to the crying. Then I would just surrender into the laughter. I went with the flow.

Going With The Flow

This type of emotional transition is easier as a child. We were willing to go with the flow. More so than as we grow older. We would rather hang on to our resentments and anger as if they were our security blankets.

What could possibly go wrong if we just let go of said anger and resentment? We might experience joy…bliss. Can we handle that? I think so.

Against The Flow

There is a movement known as “Against the Flow”. This movement is more on a social level and has its place. However, this blog touches on the emotional level. So please don’t be confused.

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Tears and Laughter

Just as anyone else, I have experienced much of these two emotions. Most specifically, when I suffered from Gastroparesis for three years. Some days, I felt like rolling into a ball and crying. But I had to show up for work. So I waited until I got home to do so.

Sharing this on Facebook with the G-Pact group was essential. One night, I had to drink a ginormous drink called “Go-Lightly”. The discussion I started on the page brought about many jokes. “Go-Lightly” is a terrible name for this drink. There is nothing light about it. The group teased me about my favorite mantra “This too shall pass”! They encouraged me through my tears of pain and laughed with me. One lady suggested pouring the drink into many shot glasses and pretending  I was enjoying it. “Go, Elysia! Go, Elysia!Go, Elysia!” was posted ha!

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Let it Flow

If you need to cry, then cry. If you need to laugh, then laugh. Emotions are our God-Given right, as well as part of our natural design. Don’t fight it. Let it flow…and Stay Blissful My Friends – E

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