We need to celebrate women every day.

Yesterday was International Women’s Day! A day to honor and celebrate our accomplishments and those of all the powerful, inspiring, and brave women around us. Whether they are mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, or colleagues 

But today is a chance to recognize their strength and success and continue this: 365 days of the year! 

Women have been fighting for equality in all aspects of life for centuries. From education to politics to medical care – we have fought hard against gender inequality and continue to strive for progress in these areas today.

It has not been easy, but with every battle won, we become even more vital as we progress toward tremendous success. 

We must take time to thank all the incredible women who worked & work so tirelessly for our rights – from Malala Yousafzai to the many brave women of Iran standing up in solidarity for the Mahsa Amini. The women standing up to end the MMIWG2S epidemic are examples of outstanding female leaders paving the way toward a brighter future where both genders are truly equal. We owe them an immense debt of gratitude! 

And then there are those everyday heroes out there making their mark, too – like teachers educating young minds; nurses taking care of patients; scientists researching cures; politicians creating change; activists speaking up against injustice…the list goes on! 

All these brave souls deserve recognition as they strive daily despite their difficulties or challenges. They remind us that no matter what obstacles may arise in our paths: if you remain passionate about something, you can achieve great things with enough determination, courage, and unity! 

So let’s continue International Women’s Day as an opportunity to celebrate women daily – ourselves and all other fantastic females who inspire us through their actions or words. 

Whether big or small: Let’s give them the appreciation they deserve by expressing gratitude for everything they do!