Awakenings are beautiful, though sometimes painful. Spiritual awakenings are empowering. But first we must recognize when they are happening. Sometimes we choose to relive the pain time and again instead of acknowledging that they’re navigating us in the direction we are destined to go.

If we are mindful in each moment, we will be grateful as well. Even the difficult moments are part of our journey.  Life is good. Stay Blissful My Friends. – E

It is the day after the bubble has burst.

Everything is clear. Lucid.

Just as the day after this passing wicked rainstorm.

Other than the flickering of the last aspen leaves as they look down on their fallen, it is so quiet one can hear the highway several miles away.

A small sigh and a delighted smile appear.

It is time to move forward.

No turning back. But who would want to?

The coolness of an autumn afternoon wakes me from my thoughts.

Approaching a puddle, I choose to stomp through it purposefully.

Any other time I might have walked around it, just as I would to avoid the very problems in my life that I have just faced head on.

I am flexing new emotional muscle.

Who knew I had it in me?

I did.

Are you flexing as well?

Who knew you had it in you?

You did.

Wiggling my cold toes underneath my rain boots.

Giggling like a child who gets to play in the middle of the street.

Not worrying about fast cars approaching.

No strangers coming to snatch me.

I am free. I am safe.

No longer wishing I could run to another place, another life.

I am here. Now.

Breathing in the musty fall air.

Grateful for every moment, every breath.

Closing my eyes and taking it all in.

I begin to dance to the rhythm of the aspen leaves.

I am dancing with the aspen leaves.

Has nature always moved this way around me?

Maybe I’ve been too focused on the struggle and unable to see through its hazy ubiquitousness.

It doesn’t matter anyway.

Today I am awake.

I am Lucid