Welcome Back my Friend


My love covers me with a soft, velvety throw preventing any befalling chill.

We cuddle next to a smoky, crackling fire.

The smell of moist earth pleasantly fills my nostrils as the sound of the fallen leaves crunch under my feet.

A spirit-filled cool breeze grasps my hands as an old friend stopping by to visit.

Autumn is indeed here to share precious moments and create new memories.

With Autumn comes craving for the taste of smooth, warm pumpkin, cooked to perfection.

Sipping on hot apple cider brings a warming glow from within.

My dear friend has brought many gifts throughout the years:

  • A brother
  • A son
  • A daughter
  • Halloween Candy
  • Bobbing for Apples
  • A new life
  • Tears
  • Laughter
  • Love
  • Play

My heart is full of love for my friend! I want to share her goodness with everyone!

Because Autumn loves not just me. She loves all beings.

Take some time to say hello to Autumn and feel her presence.

Get to know how she befriends the earth, the trees and all of God’s creation.

Close your eyes and let her whisper endearing words in your ears. She’ll speak of riddles and allegories from throughout the ages.

Let her breeze kiss your lips lovingly.

Will you remember this very moment?

Time will slow down and then speed up. Our friend Autumn will be gone too soon, as she breezes in and out of our lives in her usual manner. But lament not, for she will be back in what will seem like a blink of an eye. For today, let us enjoy the hour we have with her.

Stay Blissful My Friends. – E