The 8 Limbs of Yoga – Part 7 Dhyana

A continuous flow of perception (or thought) is Dhyana (meditation).[1] Forgetting the body, your surroundings, and your relationships.  This will help improve your  meditation a great deal. Remembering God will help you forget all other things. We are able to taste the spiritual consciousness by withdrawing our minds from all other senses and fixing themContinue reading “The 8 Limbs of Yoga – Part 7 Dhyana”

The Snow Man

I have been intrigued with the term “Poetic Crossing”, in a more philosophical manner. I wanted today’s blog to be written about said term, but I am finding that it is going to take more research to give it my best words. However, in my ongoing research I have found a lovely poem that I feelContinue reading “The Snow Man”

Mondays with Michael

Peace – by Michael T. Clark As I walk up the mountain all alone, I realize I’m at peace, this is my inner home, I hear the insects, the birds, and the trees, One with nature, this is how I fight my disease, As the water flows through the stream, My mind is calm, thisContinue reading “Mondays with Michael”

Sunday Shot of Bliss IV.

When I was the little girl, I used to look up to stars and wish myself away from the violence and the chaos of my life. It helped to look up and away from all of the gravel and asphalt. Away from the angry people. Away from that man who used to pull a gun onContinue reading “Sunday Shot of Bliss IV.”