Going With The Flow

When I was a child, my stepfather would often tell me that I had a cry-laugh. This is because, I would be crying one moment and laughing the next, while still trying to hold on to the crying. Then I would just surrender into the laughter. I went with the flow. Going With The FlowContinue reading “Going With The Flow”

When the Past Stops by to Say Hello

Photo by Satyam Ehinger – Konalani Shambhava Yoga We are having our first group check-in. Abhaya and Satyam explained to us that usually around this time in the training, past emotional events might come up. They asked us each to share if this had happened. I shared my gratitude to Alexa for covering me during cleanContinue reading “When the Past Stops by to Say Hello”

Emotional Energy

Crying is good for you, it means that you’re alive. If you were dead, you couldn’t cry. We are a week and a half into our Yoga teacher training at Shambhava Yoga Konalani and have somewhat found our rhythm in the Ashram lifestyle. One of my favorite practices is selfless service, aka Seva. Seva isContinue reading “Emotional Energy”

Wildlike – A Review & Observation on Empathy

As Sexual Assault Awareness month winds down, my husband and I attended a viewing of Wildlike at The Lyric Cinema Theater, a local film spot in Old Town Fort Collins. We weren’t sure what to expect but of course, my hubby is always interested in a movie filmed in the wilderness. There was no letdownContinue reading “Wildlike – A Review & Observation on Empathy”