Teaching Yoga from Abroad

As I stated in my last blog, I traveled to Greece and Croatia last month. This was at the peak of the classes I was teaching at an art gallery in Greeley, Co.  The students were excited for me, however, I didn’t want them to miss any classes.

Therefore, I took some time on my trip to capture some classes on video. Honoring an earlier blog: Perfectionism, an Imperfect Practice, I chose to post as is, with no edits.

This was also a challenge, as I had a fear of doing videos. Said fear has been overcome. I have become a Facebook Live Whore! So if you have a fear of spending money to go overseas, just traveling overseas, or shooting videos, I highly recommend you get off your @$$ and just do it!

And here they are, for your viewing pleasure:

Athens, Greece

On the balcony of our first Airbnb. My very first video, complete with errors. Ha!

Dubrovnik, Croatia (Part 1 of Flow)

It started to rain in the middle of this one! I had fun anyway because that’s how Yogis roll…


Oia, Santorini – Greece (Part 2 Flow)

This was about the best view ever. Unfortunately, I forgot how to use my tripod and so could only actually use the cooling down floor poses. Still, check out that background!

Hope you enjoyed this! If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? If you could teach a video class from said location, what would you teach?

Adventure & Self-Awareness – Santorini Greece

In the last couple weeks, I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel to Greece and Croatia with my darling brother. Our first stop was Athens. Then we headed over to the Island of Santorini for 4 days. Santorini provided adventure, serenity, long walks, and personal enlightenment. Some moments of elation and others of painful self-awareness. All good.


The Island of Santorini is named after Saint Irene. Saint Irene is said to have been brought to faith in Christ through a divine revelation. As a result, she broke all her father’s idols. Out of anger, her father commanded her to be trampled underfoot by horses. St. Irene was unharmed and her father was subsequently killed by one of the horses. But Irene compassionately prayed for her father and he was raised back to life. Her father then was baptized as a believer.

Santorini was the result of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in the last several thousand years. Believed to have erupted about 3,500 years ago, a large caldera surrounded by ash deposits hundreds of feet deep were left.

Late Neolithic (4th millennium BC or earlier) are the oldest signs of human settlement on the Island. Running water pipes indicating the use of hot and cold water on this island appear to be the oldest of such utilities discovered.

Santorini was annexed to Greece in 1912. Its inhabitants are Greek citizens and speak the Greek language.

Jacques-Yves Cousteau Lost City of Atlantis Expedition

One of the greatest legends of Santorini is the one of the Lost City of Atlantis. It is believed that the Lost City of Atlantis lays on the ocean floor of this lovely island. This lead to an expedition led by Jacques-Yves Cousteau. The famous diver had a strong passion in his search for Atlantis, spending months researching the bottom of the Santorini Caldera.

This resulted in Mr. Cousteau’s strong love for the island. Though, he never found strong evidence of his theory. However, his love of Santorini left an impact still evident today.

I have never scuba dived before, but just had to get this experience off my bucket list at this very location! Of course, I chose the Discovery Dive at Atlantis Dive Centre in Oia (Pronounced ee-ya). My teacher/guide was a lovely man named Raid Raidako! Raid has a strong passion for diving and ocean life. At one point, he had me hold on to a rock underwater so that he could free a precious fish from an old net. What an experience! A whole new world exists underwater and I got to visit!

Blue & White

The majority of the buildings in Oia are white with blue roofs. This was basically for all of Santorini for a while. The buildings were constructed from volcanic stone, which was dark. While the stone was a strong insulator, the dark color absorbed the heat. This resulted in painting the buildings white for reflection of the sunlight.

In addition, paint was not easy to come by back in the day. So, a limestone plaster was used to cover the stone walls. A blue tint was used to tone down the strong brightness of the plaster. Additionally, more blue was used to cover the roofs, achieving the classic blue roof color.

In 1967, the active military government set a mandate that all buildings in Santorini be painted blue and white.

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Cave House

During our stay in Oia, we had the pleasure of staying at the Yposkafo Jacuzzi House. Our host was an extremely helpful man by the name of Thanos! His wife met up with us at one end of Oia and walked us to their Airbnb home. Along the way, she shared the history and some tips about Oia. My brother and I would agree that this lovely couple was among the best hosts during our vacation!


Would any trip be useful without a good lesson on self-improvement? Vacationing with someone who doesn’t see you often, can bring validation to the one in which you do. I was finally able to see where I have been selfish and inconsiderate of others. How I might better communicate.

Being in a 12-step program, I have learned to detach-with love. But, might I be a little too detached? TBH, my marriage has not been good for about 2 years now. This doesn’t mean we don’t love each other, it just is what it is. The resulting pattern has been my detachment from just about anyone in my life. Time to work on balance.

The hubby and I subsequently had a good conversation about how we both detach too much. Our agreement at this time is to focus on becoming better friends. Then we will get to the husband/wife thing again. After all, we have til-death-do-us-part to figure it all out. What we also have, is commitment. When love is lacking, commitment can hold it together until it returns. Marriage is like that.

I ain’t gonna lie. It was painful. I got a cry out of it. But this is also good. I don’t cry very often and it was needed.

Perhaps, part of me was trampled by horses like St. Irene’s father. It kinda did feel that way after all. But once again, a new Elysia was raised back to life. Hopefully a new and improved version.

Santorini gifted me with so much. Though I cannot give it back to Santorini, I might pay it forward.


Is there a place you might want to visit? What does your adventure look like? How do you see yourself growing by this experience?

Stay blissful my friends! – E


Owning Your Sh!t

I was guiding a Yoga Class the other day and we found ourselves in Dandasana. Dandasana is the Sanskrit word for Seated Staff Pose. I decided that we would hold this pose for a bit, “Dandasana is commonly used as a transitional pose.” I continued, “But tonight, I think we should take a moment and consider Seated Staff Pose. You see, I cannot do fancy inversions or wrap my leg around my neck. I can, however, do Seated Staff Pose like a boss. Watch me!” “Impressive!”, one of my students exclaimed.

“Well, how do you feel about your Dandasana?”, I asked. I heard crickets. “Come on now,” I pressed, “Own your sh!t”!

You see, whatever we do, whether great or small, we have earned the right to own it! I am not a “great” Yoga instructor. But I give 100% to my students. I cultivate and nurture the memory of each moment I get to spend with them. I feel the same in my other hustles: Virtual Assistant/Blog Writer.

The Benefits of Owning Your Sh!t

  • By owning your sh!t, you get to know the real you. Accepting your darkness as well as your light is pretty damn powerful. Your Darkness – Own it! Your Light – Own it!
  • We get out of our damn way. Most of us eventually find that we are the ones holding ourselves back.
  • You learn, to be honest with yourself and accept other’s honesty.
  • We begin to love ourselves fully, deeply. What’s not to love? You are an effin’ badass! Accept it. Own it.

E – How do I own my sh!t? I am so glad you asked!

Stop Blaming Others

Really, we all succumb to this ridiculous behavior at one time or another. Well, stop that sh!t. When it comes down to it, we make the choices we make. If you felt you were manipulated, guess what? You made the effin’ choice to be manipulated. Own it!

Close the Book

You know that story about your failures that keeps playing in the back of your mind? Tell the narrator to shut the f*ck up! Time to move on to another story. The one that tells you that all people make mistakes. It is part of being human. Replaying that bullsh!t over and over just makes us useless and wastes precious time. Time, you will never get back. Stop playing the victim and step into the victor’s role!

Accept What You Deserve

Yeah, that’s right. You deserve the best friends, relationships, careers, home spaces, and self-love. If you don’t believe that, you’re a voluntary a$$hole! Some people like being a$$holes, I don’t. Do you? Be honest with yourself, because if the answer is yes, you know where you need to start. Go from being an a$$hole to being awesome! It’s your choice – own it!

Recognize Your Good Sh!t

While you are taking a good look at yourself, acknowledge the good sh!t. You know you have some! Pay attention to your actions. Write down a list of what good you have to offer the universe. You know you got one! Do you unconsciously serve coffee to someone every day? That may be a little thing to you. But on the grand scale of things, if you give 100% to that cup of coffee, you are a Java Rock Star! Kind of like my Dandasana pose.

So, Own Your Sh!t…And Stay Blissful My Friends – E

The Throat Chakra – Be Real

The Throat Chakra is representative of creativity and communication. I have recently experienced a rebirthing of my originality and voice on the mat. Also, Living Elysian has just moved thru a rebranding process.

LE (7)

When I decided to get certified as a Yoga instructor, I had many expectations of myself. I wanted to be one of those deep, spiritual teachers, full of wisdom. Practically imagining floating above the mat, ha! Always, believing in “To thine own self, be true.”, I have accepted my sailor’s language.

Anywhere else but the mat. My expectations brought me to the point that I would become frustrated seeking the right words. Consequently, I managed to hinder my throat chakra. I believed my true words do not belong on the yoga mat. Well, F*ck that! In addition, this followed me off the damn mat.

Accepting oneself goes everywhere with us. This includes our presence in our Yoga practice. Fortunately, my beautiful students appreciate the “Real” Elysia!

A blocked throat chakra can drastically impact our ability to communicate efficiently. Mainly due to the fear of scorn or judgment. This may demonstrate as an inability to voice and realize our truth. When this chakra is unlocked and balanced, we have the ability to express ourselves with clarity and honesty. Clear and honest in any situation with full confidence.

When I was practice teaching at the Ashram in Hawaii, I started off with a quote by Martin Luther King Jr. My instructor expressed that this was nice, however, he expects me to share my story. As I was writing a sequence the other day, I found myself going to quotes again. Remembering my teacher’s words, I scribbled out the quote and wrote: “Share your story”!


Did you know that a throat chakra blockage may also manifest itself in the physical realm? Here a just a few physical symptoms:

  • Chronic sore throat
  • Recurring headaches
  • Dental problems
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Throatiness
  • Thyroid imbalance
  • Laryngitis
  • TMJ
  • Neck pain

Non-physical signs of blockage common signs:

  • Fear of speaking
  • Inability to convey thoughts
  • Shyness
  • Speech and action inconsistencies
  • Social anxiety
  • Repression of creativity
  • Stubbornness
  • Detachment

I can so relate to most of these symptoms. But the good news is, we can unblock our throat chakra. How do we do this, Elysia?  I am so glad you asked!

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Meditate on and incorporate the throat chakra’s color, blue. Implement this color into your home and wear the color more often while feeling said blockage.

We can work through and release all negative emotions. This includes guilt, pain, and resentments. Enjoy a good cry. This may help considerably. I have a girlfriend who can cry at the drop of a hat. Does this represent weakness? I don’t think so. Admiring her strength and courage to show emotion, she has become one of my ideals!

Practice mindful speech, action, and deeds. Speak openly and honestly with others often.

There is nothing wrong with who we are! Authenticity may be an overused word, but it is a necessity in keeping our throat chakra open.

Be you. Be real. Love and appreciate you and your realness! Rise above it all like the mutha-f*kkin phoenix you are! And stay blissful my friends – E

Perfectionism – an Imperfect Practice

I’m not the average girl from your video
And I aint built like super model
But I learn to love myself unconditionaly
Because I am a queen – India Arie

If You’re Perfect & You Know It, Raise Your hand!

I love the song “Not Your Average Girl” by India Arie. Though, when I first gave it a listen, I was still living in my perfectionism. Hair and makeup, home, cars, and career all had to at least look perfect.

Today, I choose to keep my hand lowered and my heart open to the values of imperfection. Have you ever heard of the art known as Wabi-Sabi? It is a fabulous form of appreciating the beauty in old, tattered objects, amongst other imperfections!

Three Benefits of Imperfection

  1. More time to enjoy quality moments with your family and friends.
    • If you are not focusing so much of your energy trying to perfect things (like holiday dinners), you have more time to spend with your loved ones!
  2. Less Anxiety
    • Perfectionism creates some of the most unnecessary stress in our lives. Mainly due to the inability of its achievement.
    • When we stop putting unrealistic expectations on ourselves, our anxiety is relieved considerably
  3. Poof! Procrastination is eliminated!
    • One of the key contributors to procrastination is perfectionism.
    • Therefore, we kill two birds with one stone (sorry for that analogy, EPA)!


How To Let Go of Perfectionism

Don’t have time to make that “perfect” dinner? Order out! It’s okay, really. Go a day (or 2) without wearing makeup and styling your hair. Cancel the pedicure! Put down the PowerPoint presentation BEFORE it’s complete. You might find that the world will not stop spinning if you choose to do any of these!

Enjoy your life the way it is as opposed to how you idealize it. Love you, exactly how you are this moment. Love your family, exactly how they are at this very moment.

P.S. I purposely chose not to spell-check this writing as an additional form of practicing imperfection! Stay Blissful My Friends – E

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Moab, Utah

“The Biblical name Moab refers to an area of land located on the eastern side of the Jordan River. Some historians believe the city in Utah came to use this name because of William Pierce, the first postmaster, believing that the biblical Moab and this part of Utah were both “the far country”. However, others believe the name has Paiute origins, referring to the word “moapa” meaning mosquito.Some of the area’s early residents attempted to change the city’s name because, in the Christian Bible, Moabites are demeaned as incestuous and idolatrous. One petition in 1890 had 59 signatures and requested a name change to Vina. Another effort attempted to change the name to Uvadalia.Both attempts failed.” – Source: Wikipedia

This weekend, I took a road trip with the hubby to Moab for the Canyonlands Half Marathon. The stay was far too short. We are now setting a plan to visit, sans running competition.

It is mid-March and the temperature was 83 degrees! Being surrounded by red rocks is surreal. Unfortunately, I did not find time for Yoga. However, I took a nice walking meditation alongside a creek and it was blissful! Again, too short a trip. I did find this:


hmmm…maybe my daughter and I can attend!

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Moab is quite an attraction for runners, cyclists, Jeepers, and art collectors. You will find great hiking spots, especially the Arches National Park. The Petroglyphs are a stunning sight as well.

If you find yourself in Moab, UT, take some time to visit Hogan Trading Company. With its spinning sculptures, we found it difficult to leave this serene gallery!

Incestuous and Idolatrous?

I think not! We did find some time to find a local AA group and the people were down to Earth, inviting us to go bowling afterward. I feel the namesake “The far country”, is a far better description. Moab, UT is a whole different land in and of itself. Friendly environment, beautiful scenery, and a whole lot to do.

The Canyonlands Half Marathon

The course follows along a breathtaking panorama of the river to Hwy 191, turns east, then heads to the finish at Swanny City Park in downtown Moab.

The Canyonlands Half Marathon Philosophy states: In addition to striving for logistical perfection (an admittedly elusive goal), Moab Half Marathon, Inc. seeks to give back to the community and landscape that makes our events possible. We donate proceeds from the races to charities and non-profits, contribute to a scholarship fund for local graduating seniors and sponsor road cleanups for the three half marathons. We work to reduce the environmental impact of our races through various green initiatives, too. Additionally, our staff are involved in numerous community organizations, including Girls on the Run and the Grand County Cross Country Team. Source – http://moabhalfmarathon.com


He’s pleased with his time!


Afterward, the hubby says to me, “I need a RedBull.” My reply, “Baby, you just ran 13 miles, you earned the right to put in your body, whatever toxic sh!t you wish!” Though I would never drink that garbage, I think to myself. Consequently, I am craving a RedBull the next day.

I tried to convince the hubby to stay an additional day, but he was determined to return home. I am determined to return to Moab, UT!

I’m ready to “Pause”

1984 Klymaxx burst onto the music scene with “The Men All Pause”! Although not anthemic, the song became a regular chorale for myself and many young women of the 80’s!

meno – From Greek mēn ‘month’. pause – Late Middle English: from Old French, from Latin pausa, from Greek pausis, from pausein ‘to stop’.

Here we are 30+ years later and it is now time for us ladies to “pause”. Myself included. As of one week ago, my doctor exclaimed to me “Welcome to Menopause!” After hanging up the phone, I looked in the mirror and smiled. “So this is me, “Menopausal Elysia.” She looks good, considering. I am okay. I am ready for whatever life has to throw at me.

I am ready to pause.

Being Comfortable in Our Own Skin

In a recent blog I wrote “How to be Comfortable in your own Skin”, I shared about accepting that God designed woman to go through these many stages in life. We get to experience hot flashes, scattered mind, clumsiness, and irritation because we are alive and we are women!

woman-morning-bathrobe-bathroom (1)


The day after hearing the news, I am trying to meditate. “I am in Hell!” My head feels like it has been stuffed in a furnace. Sweat is dripping down my face. How do I stay in the moment and be comfortable in my own skin when my body is totally on fire? I will soon come to find that returning to the breath and meditation is actually helpful for shortening the length of these said hot flashes.

I’ve been finding myself having to “pause” a lot throughout the day, thinking if I stay perfectly still, I won’t sweat as much. Getting ready for work is starting to take much longer due to these “pauses”. This is NOT comfortable at all…

A few hours later, I am visiting the acupuncturist. Because of my history of DVTs (blood clots), my doctor wants me to try this method first. My skin has become a lovely pin cushion for an hour and I have been prescribed a Chinese herb called, “Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan”.

My Facebook Posts

October 11 at 10:31 pm:  Did I just put the wax paper in the fridge? Why is it so damn hot in here? And why is the hubby heading out to the mountains? ‪#‎shitjustgotreal ‪#‎menopause ‪#‎thestruggleisreal

October 12 at 11:22 am: You know you’ve reached middle age when the Facebook adverts are now for readers and no longer for smoking hot boots. ‪#‎Menopause ‪#‎TheStruggleisReal

October 14 at 7:45 am: My morning meditation – Om gam gana-I am on fire! Just breathe-pataye namaha. Om gam-did I remember to pack my apple?-ganapataye namaha. O-Is that sweat dripping down the side of my face?-m ganapataye namaha. Breathe Elysia, breathe, you can do this….Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha…

October 14 at 8:25pm: Today just kicked my @$$…

Something is Working

I can’t complain too much. My mom was evil when she went through this. So far, I’ve had some irritation with the hubby but not to the point of open mouth/insert foot syndrome. Hopefully, we started treatment in time.

The Chinese herbs are a little rough on the belly so I get to buy some probiotics next! However, after 3 treatments of acupuncture and less than a week on the herbs I have to say there is a noticeable improvement. The hot flashes are not as intense and have decreased in length.


As a new hot flash begins, I find myself “pausing”. I close my eyes, take a cleansing breath and then begin to count each additional breath. By the 15th breath, it has passed. Ahh, relief!

I still take Benadryl to sleep through the night, but I am sleeping! I have purchased a pocket carabiner fan that I keep on hand at all times. In addition, Doterra sells a great roll on called Clary Calm which helps some. Yes, my life is changing and I am adding new essential items as the result. But this is okay, because this is all part of the process of being a woman, and something is working.

Diet and Exercise

Endurance is not something I possess, therefore am a true believer in Yoga. But due to the additional pounds I have picked up, I have added Yoga Sculpt at my local Core Power Yoga to my routine. The Yoga keeps me strong and grounded. The Yoga Sculpt burns energy.

Due to a back injury, my doctor suggested that I lose 30lbs. I have been on the Ketosis Diet for 2 months and have lost 18. Thanks to the almost zero sugar intake, I feel better than I have in years!

I am Okay. I am This Moment. This Too Shall Pass.

Over the years I have learned some brilliant lessons:

  • I am okay. This is not going to kill me.
  • I am this moment. I don’t have to like it. I can appreciate and respect it.
  • This too shall pass. It’s not always going to be like this.

Because of these exercises, we can have patience with ourselves when we have to “pause” for the most recent hot flash, or look for the latest item we have misplaced. We can also have compassion and tolerance for those around us when they make their mistakes if we “pause” long enough to let our frustration simmer.

Take a moment to “pause” and reflect on this very moment. Take as many “pauses” as you need.

Let’s Remember Where This all Started

Don’t forget that life is a dance, cue up some Klymaxx, move with it and have some fun!

 Key Points in Dealing with Menopause

  • Pause when you need to.
  • Return to your breath and count slowly.
  • Get comfortable in your own skin.
  • Adjust your diet and exercise accordingly.
  • Research and buy items that will make your life more comfortable.
  • Vent on social media if you need to.
  • Remember, this is only for a short time.
  • Be kind, patient and loving to yourself.
  • Dance, who cares if anyone is watching


Oh! It_s Friday again. Share the love that was missing during the week. In a worthy moment of peace and bliss. S. O_SadeRead more_ https_www.spiritbutton.comfriday-weekend-q

 Now Go!

Be fierce, loving, accepting, without judgment towards yourself or others.

Going With The Flow

flow, emotions

When I was a child, my stepfather would often tell me that I had a cry-laugh. This is because, I would be crying one moment and laughing the next, while still trying to hold on to the crying. Then I would just surrender into the laughter. I went with the flow.

Going With The Flow

This type of emotional transition is easier as a child. We were willing to go with the flow. More so than as we grow older. We would rather hang on to our resentments and anger as if they were our security blankets.

What could possibly go wrong if we just let go of said anger and resentment? We might experience joy…bliss. Can we handle that? I think so.

Against The Flow

There is a movement known as “Against the Flow”. This movement is more on a social level and has its place. However, this blog touches on the emotional level. So please don’t be confused.

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Tears and Laughter

Just as anyone else, I have experienced much of these two emotions. Most specifically, when I suffered from Gastroparesis for three years. Some days, I felt like rolling into a ball and crying. But I had to show up for work. So I waited until I got home to do so.

Sharing this on Facebook with the G-Pact group was essential. One night, I had to drink a ginormous drink called “Go-Lightly”. The discussion I started on the page brought about many jokes. “Go-Lightly” is a terrible name for this drink. There is nothing light about it. The group teased me about my favorite mantra “This too shall pass”! They encouraged me through my tears of pain and laughed with me. One lady suggested pouring the drink into many shot glasses and pretending  I was enjoying it. “Go, Elysia! Go, Elysia!Go, Elysia!” was posted ha!

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Let it Flow

If you need to cry, then cry. If you need to laugh, then laugh. Emotions are our God-Given right, as well as part of our natural design. Don’t fight it. Let it flow…and Stay Blissful My Friends – E

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A Love Letter To Myself

My Dearest Elysia,

It has been a long time since I have sent you words of love and encouragement. How does time go by so quickly? I can’t even remember the last time I whispered positivity into your ears.

I know how much a loving whisper means to you. Yet, I find I have completely taken all that you do and are for granted. Worse than that, when I do give you any attention at all, it is in the form of criticism. I am so sorry…again.

How can one overlook your kindness towards others? Your empathy when a friend or loved one is hurting. How I love the way you celebrate with others’ successes. Elysia, you always seem to bring a smile to someone who needs it.

Your fun nature can put aside any difficult situation and gather contagious laughter. Remember when you told Satyam about your new Yoga style concept: Hot Flash Yoga! You got a laugh out of a serious guy!

Elysia, this past year you have suffered gastroparesis and pain severely. Yet you continued to suit up and show up for life.

So I guess, I did show you (Elysia/myself) a bit of love when I took care of my body. Maybe I just needed to be reminded that I truly love you, Elysia. Thank you for being the warrior queen you encourage your sisters to be in their lives!

Please never forget how much I love you, Elysia.

When was the last time you wrote yourself a love letter? Can you do so today? I would love to see what you come up with in your words to self. 

Fall in Love with yourself this Valentine’s Day – And stay blissful my friends!  – E

Venturing out of Your Comfort Zone

Have you ever found yourself in a hurry to get someplace difficult? Like I was once driving in a hurry to the possible end of my marriage. That was uncomfortable.

My most recent trip outside my comfort zone was to Puerto Rico. This would be my somewhat secluded location to launch my new Virtual Consulting Firm, eFFICIENT VIRTUAL PARTNERS! I felt the need to get someplace warm and be focused.

I had never been to Puerto Rico before and always wanted to visit. It was beautiful! But lonely. No one spoke English and Verizon does not work so well out there. So, I could not rely on a GPS. I got lost…a lot. Regardless, I enjoyed the view and discovered many beautiful spots.

Unfortunately, my asthma did not like it so I had to cut the trip short a week. Though I had time to work, play and reflect on my life as it is today.

I found that I had little to complain about. There is plenty in my life to be grateful for. Additionally, I found much work to do in regards to my life. I could be less selfish, love my Alanon partner, and be more assertive.

The biggest step out of my comfort zone was leaving a great job of 11 years to branch out on my own. 2017 had just begun, so these were HUGE changes. Yet, I felt ready. I am ready. It is not easy. It never is…easy. Though, in my heart of hearts, I knew it was worth it. It IS worth it.


I returned a little less battered and a whole lot prepared. Life is a perpetual state of growth. A shifting. Are you ready to venture out of your comfort zone? What is the first step you need to take?

Venture the f*ck out of your comfort zone…and Stay Blissful My Friends – E