I’m ready to “Pause”

1984 Klymaxx burst onto the music scene with “The Men All Pause”! Although not anthemic, the song became a regular chorale for myself and many young women of the 80’s!

meno – From Greek mēn ‘month’. pause – Late Middle English: from Old French, from Latin pausa, from Greek pausis, from pausein ‘to stop’.

Here we are 30+ years later and it is now time for us ladies to “pause”. Myself included. As of one week ago, my doctor exclaimed to me “Welcome to Menopause!” After hanging up the phone, I looked in the mirror and smiled. “So this is me, “Menopausal Elysia.” She looks good, considering. I am okay. I am ready for whatever life has to throw at me.

I am ready to pause.

Being Comfortable in Our Own Skin

In a recent blog I wrote “How to be Comfortable in your own Skin”, I shared about accepting that God designed woman to go through these many stages in life. We get to experience hot flashes, scattered mind, clumsiness, and irritation because we are alive and we are women!

woman-morning-bathrobe-bathroom (1)


The day after hearing the news, I am trying to meditate. “I am in Hell!” My head feels like it has been stuffed in a furnace. Sweat is dripping down my face. How do I stay in the moment and be comfortable in my own skin when my body is totally on fire? I will soon come to find that returning to the breath and meditation is actually helpful for shortening the length of these said hot flashes.

I’ve been finding myself having to “pause” a lot throughout the day, thinking if I stay perfectly still, I won’t sweat as much. Getting ready for work is starting to take much longer due to these “pauses”. This is NOT comfortable at all…

A few hours later, I am visiting the acupuncturist. Because of my history of DVTs (blood clots), my doctor wants me to try this method first. My skin has become a lovely pin cushion for an hour and I have been prescribed a Chinese herb called, “Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan”.

My Facebook Posts

October 11 at 10:31 pm:  Did I just put the wax paper in the fridge? Why is it so damn hot in here? And why is the hubby heading out to the mountains? ‪#‎shitjustgotreal ‪#‎menopause ‪#‎thestruggleisreal

October 12 at 11:22 am: You know you’ve reached middle age when the Facebook adverts are now for readers and no longer for smoking hot boots. ‪#‎Menopause ‪#‎TheStruggleisReal

October 14 at 7:45 am: My morning meditation – Om gam gana-I am on fire! Just breathe-pataye namaha. Om gam-did I remember to pack my apple?-ganapataye namaha. O-Is that sweat dripping down the side of my face?-m ganapataye namaha. Breathe Elysia, breathe, you can do this….Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha…

October 14 at 8:25pm: Today just kicked my @$$…

Something is Working

I can’t complain too much. My mom was evil when she went through this. So far, I’ve had some irritation with the hubby but not to the point of open mouth/insert foot syndrome. Hopefully, we started treatment in time.

The Chinese herbs are a little rough on the belly so I get to buy some probiotics next! However, after 3 treatments of acupuncture and less than a week on the herbs I have to say there is a noticeable improvement. The hot flashes are not as intense and have decreased in length.


As a new hot flash begins, I find myself “pausing”. I close my eyes, take a cleansing breath and then begin to count each additional breath. By the 15th breath, it has passed. Ahh, relief!

I still take Benadryl to sleep through the night, but I am sleeping! I have purchased a pocket carabiner fan that I keep on hand at all times. In addition, Doterra sells a great roll on called Clary Calm which helps some. Yes, my life is changing and I am adding new essential items as the result. But this is okay, because this is all part of the process of being a woman, and something is working.

Diet and Exercise

Endurance is not something I possess, therefore am a true believer in Yoga. But due to the additional pounds I have picked up, I have added Yoga Sculpt at my local Core Power Yoga to my routine. The Yoga keeps me strong and grounded. The Yoga Sculpt burns energy.

Due to a back injury, my doctor suggested that I lose 30lbs. I have been on the Ketosis Diet for 2 months and have lost 18. Thanks to the almost zero sugar intake, I feel better than I have in years!

I am Okay. I am This Moment. This Too Shall Pass.

Over the years I have learned some brilliant lessons:

  • I am okay. This is not going to kill me.
  • I am this moment. I don’t have to like it. I can appreciate and respect it.
  • This too shall pass. It’s not always going to be like this.

Because of these exercises, we can have patience with ourselves when we have to “pause” for the most recent hot flash, or look for the latest item we have misplaced. We can also have compassion and tolerance for those around us when they make their mistakes if we “pause” long enough to let our frustration simmer.

Take a moment to “pause” and reflect on this very moment. Take as many “pauses” as you need.

Let’s Remember Where This all Started

Don’t forget that life is a dance, cue up some Klymaxx, move with it and have some fun!

 Key Points in Dealing with Menopause

  • Pause when you need to.
  • Return to your breath and count slowly.
  • Get comfortable in your own skin.
  • Adjust your diet and exercise accordingly.
  • Research and buy items that will make your life more comfortable.
  • Vent on social media if you need to.
  • Remember, this is only for a short time.
  • Be kind, patient and loving to yourself.
  • Dance, who cares if anyone is watching


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 Now Go!

Be fierce, loving, accepting, without judgment towards yourself or others.

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