Venturing out of Your Comfort Zone

Have you ever found yourself in a hurry to get someplace difficult? Like I was once driving in a hurry to the possible end of my marriage. That was uncomfortable.

My most recent trip outside my comfort zone was to Puerto Rico. This would be my somewhat secluded location to launch my new Virtual Consulting Firm, eFFICIENT VIRTUAL PARTNERS! I felt the need to get someplace warm and be focused.

I had never been to Puerto Rico before and always wanted to visit. It was beautiful! But lonely. No one spoke English and Verizon does not work so well out there. So, I could not rely on a GPS. I got lost…a lot. Regardless, I enjoyed the view and discovered many beautiful spots.

Unfortunately, my asthma did not like it so I had to cut the trip short a week. Though I had time to work, play and reflect on my life as it is today.

I found that I had little to complain about. There is plenty in my life to be grateful for. Additionally, I found much work to do in regards to my life. I could be less selfish, love my Alanon partner, and be more assertive.

The biggest step out of my comfort zone was leaving a great job of 11 years to branch out on my own. 2017 had just begun, so these were HUGE changes. Yet, I felt ready. I am ready. It is not easy. It never is…easy. Though, in my heart of hearts, I knew it was worth it. It IS worth it.


I returned a little less battered and a whole lot prepared. Life is a perpetual state of growth. A shifting. Are you ready to venture out of your comfort zone? What is the first step you need to take?

Venture the f*ck out of your comfort zone…and Stay Blissful My Friends – E

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