Yoga Sequence – Forgiveness Part I

While writing my final “theme” vinyasa for completing my Yoga Teacher training, I was challenged by my instructor Satyam to bring my life experiences into my asanas.

Turns out, a recurring “trigger” of an old hurt has been rearing its…scowling head once again, reminding me of the topic of forgiveness.

Like my fellows, I have been wronged and hurt by others. Sometimes extremely harsh wrongs, other times, little hurts that simmered within for long stretches of time.

I have also known the effects of never receiving the apology I felt I deserved. In the end, rather than holding on to the toxicity of resentment, I learned to let go and surrender to forgiveness.

My Yoga practice has been a loving channel, which brings me through this process each time a hurt, angry emotion, or resentment begins to invade my inner being. Today, I would like to share some asanas, which have been effective to me in regard to forgiveness and surrender.

1. Forward Fold

2. Warrior II Both Sides
As we inhale we remember that our strength remains within. Exhale, acknowledge: ” I am a warrior and my sword is love”

3. Lateral Angle Pose Both Sides


Photo by Satyam Ehinger – Konalani Shambhava Yoga

Twists are commonly referenced as detoxifying poses. We are not only detoxifying our digestive system with twists.
Anger and resentment are toxic to the mind, body, and spirit.

4. Downward Dog


5. Crescent Lunge Both Sides (counter by straightening front leg) —>Downward Dog to Mountain Pose

6. Dancer Pose Both Sides (Flying Breath in between)


Reflect on life as a dance. Stop taking it so seriously and enjoy it!

(Forward Fold to Downward Dog to Table Pose)

7.Devotional Pose
Breathing into this pose, we surrender to life on life’s terms.
(Lifting from Devotional Pose, bring legs straight out to the front of the mat.)

8. Staff Pose
Establishing our firm personal values as we inhale, pressing our sit bones into the floor, lifting our hearts.


Photo by Satyam Ehinger – Konalani Shambhava Yoga

9. Sitting Forward Fold
We also acknowledge and accept our gentle nature as we exhale and soften into this bend.

10.Shoulder Stand

11.Fish Pose
Further releasing fear and anxiety.

12.Half Lord of the Fishes Both Sides
Twisting out remaining toxins. As we inhale, lifting our hearts, we let love in. As we exhale, let go of resentments.

(Come on to your back, bringing knees to a tabletop position. Then to knees and transition to your back, knees bent to a table position).

13. Reclined Twists Both Sides

14. Bring knees back to center, bring your nose up, giving knees a big hug. Remembering to accept self-love and appreciation for who you are and what you have to offer to the universe.

15.Cooldown of your choice to Savasana.


Stay blissful my friends! – E

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