The 8 Limbs of Yoga – Part 7 Dhyana

A continuous flow of perception (or thought) is Dhyana (meditation).[1]

Forgetting the body, your surroundings, and your relationships.  This will help improve your  meditation a great deal. Remembering God will help you forget all other things.

We are able to taste the spiritual consciousness by withdrawing our minds from all other senses and fixing them on our meditation. This is considered “Samadhi”, the highest goal of Yogis.

To reach this point of meditation, it is suggested that you meditate in the same spot daily.

Simply put, to initially attain samadhi requires a unity of both body and mind, so in stilling the body and calming its energy flows (by detaching from them and the sensations they generate), we can speed any efforts to calm our minds. Through the stability of sitting meditation, comforting the body helps still the mind for its entry into samadhi. In other words, if we can calm the body consciousness, we can detach from it and achieve the emptiness required of samadhi concentration. [2]

Sound easy? Yeah, no. But is it attainable? Absolutely. Most likely we arrive at Dhyana/Samadhi when we least expect it. Because we are not concentrating, focusing, or willing it. It just happens, and then becomes our second nature.

In the video, Amir Mourad explains more about Dhyana and the difference between the Western concept of mediation.

So attaining Samadhi through Dhyana, like any other desire we have in life, is done by not trying too hard. Just let it happen. And so it is. Stay Blissful my friends – E



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