My Nutrisystem Journey Week 3 Wrap up

My weigh in revealed that I am back on track. I lost the pound I gained.  As for the food, I am still enjoying it and not getting bored. I was excited as next month’s package arrived!

So far, the greatest effect is how I feel. Heartburn is down to a minimum and I am not feeling sluggish or foggy-headed!

I did a review of how Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts work with weight loss programs and this is what I found:

“Deductible Medical Expenses: What’s Not Covered
Weight-loss related medical expenses that are not considered deductible include but may not be limited to:
Weight loss program costs, where the purpose of the weight loss is not for the treatment of a specific disease diagnosed by a physician (such as obesity, hypertension, or heart disease).
Expenses for gym, health club, or spa memberships.
The cost of diet food or beverages (such food and beverages are considered a substitute for what is normally consumed to satisfy nutritional needs), with some exceptions.” [1]

Interested in a healthy rice? Check out the below video:

Well, off to Moab, UT for the weekend! Stay blissful my friends – E



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