He Knows My Very Being

Lying in my bed, reading a book.
A naked soul.
My vulnerability exposed.
Into my room walks the One who wrote the book.
The Author who sees all things I have hidden.
Behind the makeup and Spanx.
Every impurity, wrinkle and fat roll.
In the wake of all the false smiles.
He sees my tears, my fears and my frustrations.
He offers to cover me if it will make me feel better.
I decline, as I am now ready to accept all that I am.
Just as He has received me with his unconditional love.
Into His arms I allow myself rest.
I am prepared to let Him love me the way He always has.
Though I pushed Him away in the past, fearing such intimacy.
Being the gentleman that He is, He stayed quietly by my side.
So as not to add to my distress.
He whispers to me that I am a queen, a warrior of the heart.
I am love, I am spirit. I am bliss.

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