Mondays with Michael – Gratitude

As this year comes to a close, I wish share Michael’s poem below as the final MWM for 2015. Anyone can look back on his writings this year and see how Michael has grown to be a strong, sober individual and I thank him for letting me share his words. I hope we can continue in 2016 as MWM is a popular weekly article. Have a Blissful New Year my friends!  – E


What a year, awakened, sober, love, God, and no more beer.
Started from the bottom, and now I’m here.
I opened my eyes and I came to see,
What a beautiful life, I can look in the mirror, I love me.
No more drugs, no more booze.
I want to thank you for your support.
I love you,
Lot’s of tears as I’ve faced my fears,
Through the storm, and out of the rain.
I’m smiling again, free from the pain.
Full of compassion, here to help those in need, you can be a miracle too. You just need to believe…
Never Give Up…
Live 2 Love…

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