Living Elysian 2015 Top 3 Posts


Well, here it is the final countdown of my most popular blog posts for your reading pleasure! I have challenged my writing skills and become more transparent than ever. Some of my writing has been downright raw.

As a wife, mother, and career woman, my relationships have transformed incredibly. I hope you all have felt this experience as you have read along.

#3 Four Things You Really Should Know About Emotions

In this post, we looked at emotions and their effect on us. By giving us clarity, motivating us to get sh!t done and building up our courage. We also explored these three dangerously powerful words:


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#2 Why I Stopped Being so Damned Independent

I took a good look at being too independent and then working on interdependency.  Blessing others by asking for help. Being authentic and the freedom that comes from being real. Liberation from emotional pain!

“For you were called to freedom, brethren; only do not turn your freedom into an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.” – Galatians 5:13

Let’s interdependence together!

the one
Sunday 7/26/15 – Louisville, KY. Bonnie St. John, Elysia Valdivia-Giauque

#1 WTF? Again? Why?

I find it amazing that my most popular blog was indeed the most painful to write. This year, a young man who was like a child of my own when he was in high school died of a heroin overdose.  Talk about tragic. We lost one of the kindest friends and his daughters lost a

We lost one of the kindest friends and his daughters lost a wonderful father. A lesson learned by many, not all drug addicts are the stereotypical “scumbags” you see in the movies. Indeed, none of us even knew our friend used drugs until the day he died.

So in memory of all those we lost and keeping those still suffering addicts in our thoughts, I shared this writing with you.


Wishing you all a brighter, fulfilling and blissful 2016! – E

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