These Walls I put up/These Walls I tear down

All this political talk about putting up walls. When we take a look at the walls we raise, let us also give attention to our true motivations in doing so.

Are we ungrateful, greedy, without compassion or empathy? I think the answer for most is “no”. I believe our motivations are far more fear based. Why do I feel this way? Because I have erected some personal walls of my own over time and have had to look deep within myself to come to the conclusion of what lead me to take such action.

I have written a poem that details my own process and journey of building and tearing down walls.

Stay Blissful My Friends – E

walls i put up

These walls, they are grand.

They are tall and strong.

They have a ticker continually illuminating,

The words “Don’t Fuck with Me”.

I said others made me do this,

But I put them up by my very own self. With my very own hands.

Believing the lies that if I could keep you all out.

No one can penetrate this. Nothing can hurt me.

With no consideration that in my labor and toil;

To raise them would hurt those around me.

And to cause them pain would be far more self-distressing.

I was never prepared for this part.

How does one tear down walls so skillfully designed, planned and executed?

Such a dilemma is not easily solved.

With the same diligence, the same effort it took to raise each brick.

But with a different impetus. A whole new purpose.

Scraping and tilling granular by granular.

Until there is nothing unexposed, nothing out of sight.

Every moment, experience and emotional input.

For my very own eyes to see. My thoughts to evoke.

It wasn’t as bad as I remember.

Some of it quite good as I now recall.

Can I also repair the damage I caused,

While still destructing these powerful walls?

I can and I will do my very best.

Nothing more is required.

With Fear, These Walls I put up.

With love, These Walls I tear down.

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