Mondays with Michael – Tears On My Cheeks

We are back on track with another sweet poem from Michael. Thank you for sharing your truth with us Michael! – E


Tears On My Cheeks…

Tonight I have sad eyes, I think I might cry.
Please give me strength lord, I continue to fight.
The tears drip down my cheeks, I give my worries to you, God help me please.
I’m trying to get home to see my family.
I have a lot of amends to make, for all the lost years, all the mistakes.
I hate this disease for what I use to be.
A liar, a cheat, and the worst part, I became a thief.
I’m sorry to anyone, I may have hurt.
Sorry for all the grief, I was selfish, I thought I was just hurting me.
I was in so much pain, all I could do was drink, anything to not feel, anything to not think.
I hope when we meet, you can see I’m not the man I use to be.
I’m full of love and compassion.
I’ve had an awakening.
I hope you still love me, but for tonight,
The tears drip down my cheeks…
Never Give Up…
Live 2 Love…

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