A Mindful Vacation & a Reminder of our Universal Connection

Last week, the hubby and I took a much-needed vacation. We road tripped from Colorado to California to camp out on the beaches of Carpenteria and Ventura, CA. My key focus was to clear my mind, to go within and appreciate the moment. I did such a good job that I have had writer’s block since. Fortunately, we got some good videos and pictures of the trip to share!

The drive was long and fun. It is said that you can tell your relationship is strong by taking a long road trip together. I am grateful that  the hubby and I enjoy each other’s company for rather large stretches of time.

Our first night in California was in Carpenteria, Ca. We camped out on the beach aside a lovely campfire and slept to the sound of calming waves.
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We awoke to a lovely quiet sunrise not wanting to say much to one another lest we spoil the moment. Sometimes the best things are left unsaid.

025 (2)

His loving arms around me in the presense of God’s creation.

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The first morning was quite difficult. I kept thinking that I needed to get up and do something; wash my face, Yoga, organize the tent. Instead, I chose to mindfully drink a cup of coffee and do nothing else. As it turned out, this was rather easy.

After it warmed up a bit, I found myself out on the sand practicing sun salutations followed by a seated meditation. This had to be the most effective meditative session I have ever had.

For the remainder of our vacation, I wore no makeup and barely combed my hair. Again, the plan for our vacation was to go within, be in the moment. It was a good time to let go of the many obsessions I have with image, even wearing a bathing suit regardless of my size.

Faria Beach in Ventura, California was where we spent our last night. Campfires were not allowed at our  campsite yet they have a cafe so we were able to get coffee in the morning. There were many other campers and the sense of community was evident. Good people sharing their stories, healt supplement choices. An all around a great time!


Man on a paddle board.

114 122 Man waving goodbye to the sun


My eldest son joined us as we visited the Santa Barbara Mission, a wonderfully spiritual facility with a rich history of kindness and goodness to the community of Santa Barbara.

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The very last day of our vacation was spent with my family on the beach in Port Hueneme, CA. It was a joy to see my mother so happy to have her family around her. After her brush with death last year, it is so nice to watch her goofing around with others. My nephews and nieces were a hoot with their banter and shenanigans.

Saying goodbye has been tough in the past but we have got better at it over time.

The drive back home was not as fun but still quite enjoyable. The ability to take a vacation is a gift that neither of us takes for granted. Much gratitude and thanks to our Highest Power for such a gift.

Maybe having this time of peace was in preparation for the soon coming storm, that is the terrorist attack on Paris. Still feeling the calm from our vacation, neither of us said much other than to acknowledge what has just taken place.

It is too soon to speak on this tragedy as there is always so much misinformation going around. We chose to wait on the actual facts and send out prayer and positive energy to the many people who were affected by this horrific event.

What we do know is that we are ALL affected by the tragic event that took place this week in Paris. Coincidentally, I had just purchased a shirt that says “You, Me, Oui!“ thinking of the hubby and me, yet now it speaks more of our grand connection to all mankind, Paris especially at this time.

So while we all may have an opinion about the politics of this recent tragedy, let’s remember as we pray for our brothers and sisters in Paris, France that we are all in this world together.

You, me, Oui…

Stay Blissful My Friends – E


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