A Most Important Decision


Hello my friends. What a glorious day it is to be alive! I feel so today, just one week after a blissful visit to Shoshoni Yoga Retreat and Ashram with my husband.

We were there to celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary.  In addition, I was there to get a preview of life at an ashram.  You see, next year I plan to spend 21 days at a Shambhava ashram and was considering taking the Yoga certification training.

The Peaceful Setting

Shoshoni Yoga Retreat and Ashram is located at about 8600 ft. above sea level in the mountains near Nederland, CO.  The staff is pleasant, welcoming and ready to answer whatever questions you have. The housekeeping is professional in a way I had not expected. A nice bottle of spring water and some treats were waiting for us in our hut. The facilities were immaculate.

Spiritual Setting

All of the staff live on site and they are practitioners in the spiritual program of this ashram. The chef not only prepared remarkable meals that made me forget about meat, he also lead in some singing and chanting at the temple. The nice lady leading the guided meditation had a lovely voice that could direct my busy mind right to the moment and the breath.

I was excited to do the 5:30am Guru Gita. Note to self: When relying on your mobile phone alarm to wake you up at 8600 ft., use the airplane mode setting.  Woke up too late with a dead phone.  But after reading Eat, Pray, Love I just had to see what it was all about. Elizabeth Gilbert described it brilliantly.  Another note to self:  Find a sing-along video for the Guru Gita (dancing red ball included).

The Food

I have never had a culinary experience with vegetarian food I felt I could brag about. From the tofu soup to the tofu “fish” tacos, I was continually amazed. Up until this point, I have always hated tofu. I guess I was making it all wrong and now I am inspired to find some good recipes.  Most of the vegetables served are organically grown in the garden at the ashram. Yeah, it keeps getting better and better for this nutritionally conscious yogi.


Hiking to the Buddha Rock

We took this divine trek after breakfast. Endurance has never been one of my strengths.  Indeed it is more of a weaknesses and at 8600 ft., I felt like I was walking uphill even when I was walking downhill. All in all, it was breathtaking time in nature or as I like to call it “God’s handmade Temple of Trees”!

The Yoga!!

What can I say, there is no such thing as bad Yoga in my opinion.  The classes were filled with beginners thru highly advanced yoginis. I am somewhere in the middle, blissfully enjoying my fantastic yogic journey.  On their website, Shambhava Yoga Asana is described:

“Shambhava Yoga Asana is taught from the heart, not the head. Teachers respond to the energy of the class through intuition, intelligent sequencing, and depth of practice. Our room-temp classes incorporate props and modifications with the goal of making yoga rewarding for everyone.

We believe that the ultimate purpose of asana is to cultivate a meditative state; to guide you inside where your potential awaits.” [1]

yoga homeMy Decision

While on our hike, the hubby and I agreed that this is definitely what I need to do next spring. There is much that has brought me to publicly state this decree.

About 5 years ago I began my Yogic journey. Shortly after, I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis – a life altering illness that makes it nearly impossible to digest food. I was very sick for about 3 years.

Being as sick as I was created much fear and anxiety. Thankfully, my Yoga practice helped get me through all this with my sanity intact and I have been in remission for 2 years now!

There is not much else that can fill me with the same exhilaration as my Yoga practice. When I arrive on the mat, I am blissfully home.  This is a joy I would like to pass on to as many people possible.

My Dream

My vision is to become a Yoga teacher and start a non-profit Wellness organization. I have a heart for the chronically ill, for those who have been labeled “disabled”, for toddlers, and at risk young women, I want everyone to know that they can practice Yoga regardless of their circumstances.

Reaching out for Help

Anyone who knows me can validate my independence.  Asking for contributions is not an easy thing to do. Indeed, my father would get upset when I would get a job to buy new shoes rather than ask him for the money when I was 14.

The time has come for me to practice this uncomfortable excercise.  I have set up a Go-Fund Me Account. If you are lead to contribute anything – even $1.00 gets me closer to achieving my intention, please click on this link or the purple badge on the Living Elysian Blog page.  Your good energy and thoughts are also requested as I take the necessary steps to achieve my dreams.

With much love and peace, stay blissful my friends. – E

  1. http://shoshoni.org/about-us/what-is/

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