Because Growth

because growth 2

Another year on this Earth and I am reflecting on growth.  How I have learned to move on from childish and selfish behavior. The blame game has gotten old.

I once asked a friend  how to stop playing emotional games when I had been playing them most of my life. She replied “By reminding yourself that no one wins at these games. If you can’t win, you are less interested in playing”.  This proved to be one of the most valuable pieces of advice I had ever followed.

So here are a few of my growth points:

Because growth-PA-EVALDIVIA8
I respect my mother instead of blaming her.

Because growth.

I don’t play emotional games with people anymore.

Because growth.

I eat off a plate instead of straight from a can.

Because growth.

I no longer refer to my ex-husband as “Satan”

Because growth.

I enjoy vegetables instead of dropping them on the floor for the dogs to eat.

Because growth.

I sew new buttons on an old shirt instead of throwing it away

Because growth.

I understand constructive criticism is given to me out of love and not hate.

Because growth.

I don’t think the world is against me anymore.

Because growth.

I’m wearing clothes that fit me these days.

Because growth.

I’m not afraid to dance, lest I look like a fool

Because growth.

I have ceased to break things when I am angry.

Because growth.

Have you taken a look at your growth points lately? You ‘d probably be amazed at what you find. It is true that what is so important to us today will most likely not matter at all a year from now. Slowing down is a good thing. The impulse buys might not make sense next week.

It is a good practice to use a wish list and not act upon it for a full seven days. After which, you may decide that you are not interested in the item anymore.

I remember I was infuriated at another woman a few years ago. I ran to my car to head over to her place and…what? Maybe tell her off, maybe do something else that I might have regretted. My son just happened to pull into my driveway to ask me a question. I annoyingly gave him an answer. Then he asked me for a cigarette. I handed him one. He then asked if he could have the pack. I tossed it to him. At that moment, he looked me in the eye and said “Mom, whatever you are about to do, DON’T”.  I stopped, took a breath and nodded my head.  Years later, I am glad I listened to him. Because none of what was going on then is at all of essence to me today. I don’t even smoke anymore.

This birthday has been quite relaxing. I am indeed partying like a 46-year old.  No longer needing a whole week-long event with very little sleep. Quite the opposite. A good Yoga practice, nice lunch and a walk followed by a nap. Ha! Sounds boring? I will take my boring life over the drama-filled  one I once lived.

Tonight’s gift is a moment spent out on the deck,  watching the Aspen leaves flicker in the breeze and gazing upon the crescent moon in the  coolness of a dark evening as Autumn approaches.  This is what matters to me now.  Reading a book while soaking in the tub and drinking a cup of tea. This is real life.

On this my birthday, I do not ask for presents. Instead, I wish you all these very  gifts of Peace and Serenity.  Because Growth.

Stay Blissful My Friends! – E

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