Sunday Shot of Bliss XII. The Sacred Space


Four years ago I attended Sarah Avant Stover’s The Way of The Happy Woman Fall Retreat in Red Feather Lake, Colorado.  It was a blissful, learning experience. We practiced Yin Yoga, Meditation, Journaling and Self-care.

One of the most important things Sarah expressed was our need to create a sacred space in our own homes.  This would be the place where prayer, meditation and reflection would take place.  But you could do just about anything in your sacred space: Yoga, singing, dancing, Tai Chi, reading, writing or just listening to music.

The space should be set up as your own. It could be a religious space but doesn’t always have to be.

Some people are fortunate enough to dedicate a full room to the Sacred Space. It is good if one can but not totally necessary. My dream is to build a yurt in our backyard and dedicate it as my sacred space! For now, our living room will suffice.


The elements of the sacred space are items that are personal to you. I  have prayer cloths, a prayer wheel, and an elephant wall hanging. This is all around the small electric fireplace we own. During the month of October, I add a candle with a photo album of all our loved ones who have passed over. I reflect on each page while the candle is lit until the day after Dia de Los Muertes. Throughout the seasons, I add and remove special writings and prayers. Candles and aromatherapy are also changed at the beginning of each season.


I love to go into my sacred space to regress from the outside world. Everyone can use some quality time to go inward. In one of his many fabulous online Yoga classes, Luke Ketterhagen says “Your balance has to be initiated from an internal awareness. Or else it is not sustainable.” [1]  This of course pertains to the physical, yet I identify this in my emotional/spiritual life as well. Because of course, these elements of our lives (physical,emotional/spiritual) are all connected.

Growing up, there were so many other people and kids living in a small 3 bedroom, 1 bath home. There was no particular space for me…except for the trees. I loved to climb trees and just sit or lie on a big branch and be alone. I could watch all the activity going on beneath me, look out at the sun setting or up at the first twinkling star of the evening.

I needed to get away from all the noise, arguments and occasional violence within the home. Refusing to come down from my tree until I heard the last “I mean it this time!”  I already understood the importance of my sacred space.

In my sacred space I find peace within myself and peace with others. It is a good place to wind down from the busyness of life. Or prepare for the day ahead. It is a place that I do not let others enter my mind – for that is another sacred space. While in my sacred space, it is okay to be territorial. We all could use our own space that is sacred to our minds, bodies and spirits.

I have shared pictures of my sacred space and would love to see your pictures and read stories of yours. Please comment with pictures, or PM me if you wish to keep it private.

Stay blissful my friends – E

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