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My morning practice brought me back to this writing. Oh how I just wanted to go back to bed! #JustDoit #DontFightIt #Surrender

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Last week, my daughter, daughter in law and granddaughter (who I will lovingly refer to as YD), joined me at Family Yoga Night. It was taught at Om Ananda Yoga by a brilliant Yogi, Andrea who exuberates an astonishing amount of grace towards young children. Well, I must be honest – YD was the only young child present.

I have been teaching my granddaughter Yoga since she was two. She is now nearing the wise old age of five. Recently, YD started taking Kids Yoga with Andrea.  So they know each other well.  Something else my granddaughter knows; the poses she likes and dislikes.

Every time Andrea would call out a pose that little miss YD did not like, she would promptly announce “No, I don’t like this pose!” Then she would roll up into her mat like a burrito until another pose that she liked was called.

This was…

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