Mondays With Michael – The Devil

I am always exhilerated with Michael’s raw, pointing and honest words as he describes his voyage through the recovery process.  Perhaps this is because it is a trek for which I am quite familiar. Stay Blissful My Friends – E

The disease is still alive, I almost had a slip, the devils trying to get me to quit.
Telling me you’ll be fine, just one little hit, just one little line, come on Mike you’ll be fine.
To me relapse is to die,
I’m still sober, still have my time.
My God saved me on this day, more work needs to be done, no time for a break.
My faith is strong, the devils still creeping, trying to get me to do wrong.
So glad I didn’t fall, still sober, walking tall.
I thought I was free from the disease.
This is a life long process, I must continue to believe.
Just when you think you got it beat, watch out, the devil still breathes…
Keep The Faith…

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