Sunday Shot of Bliss VI. Slow it Down


It is remarkable that since I wrote Slow it Down I., I have been going full steam ahead. Balls to the wall! Sidenote: If you think the phrase “Balls to the Wall” is nasty, get your head out of the gutter and click on the link to find out what it really means.

Anywhoo, back to slowing it down.  If you recall, I was reflecting on the one time I got a speeding ticket on my way to Yoga class…Yeah, cue up Alanis Morissette’s Ironic!

Slowing down is fairly difficult at this time in my life with work, writing this blog, studying for a 7-hour test this upcoming September and trying to get as much quality time with my granddaughter before she moves out of the state. I used to say I didn’t have enough time, now I know what that actually means.


It is customary to start with the breath. Breathing is always a good thing to do.  After my hysterectomy, I developed panic attacks and visited with a Neuro kinesiologist. The first thing she pointed out was my incorrect method of breathing. I didn’t even know there  was a proper way to breathe! But yes, she told me that since I breathed in through my mouth it was increasing the anxiety attacks.  The correct way to breathe is to use your diaphragm and breathe in through your nose. You may breathe out of your mouth or nose, as long as you remember to breathe in through the nose. I have been doing this for years now and can honestly say that none of my panic attacks have ever killed me! Ha! But honestly, I have not had panic attacks since then.


Aromatherapies and Essential Oils

With the explosion of the Essential Oil businesses Doterra and Young Living, many have better knowledge of what “real” essential oils can do for our well-being.  However, if it is not in your budget you can check out or find Aura Cacia at your local health store.  Lavender is by far the most calming essential oil out there. I keep a mighty big bottle at home as it is also excellent for the many burns I inflict upon myself with my various styling tools.  You can rub lavender into your wrists, mist it through a humidifier or diffuse it with a tea light candle burner. I even picked up a locket that I can place a small piece of cotton doused with a couple of drops of the oil of my choice.


Lie Down on your back and close your eyes.  Take your attention to your breath and listen to the sound of your breath. Feel the vibrations of the air touching your skin. Be still, be quiet.  You might even find yourself slowing down enough to get in a mid-day snooze. Don’t forget, to breathe!

Unplug…Oh, Wait!

Did I just say that?  Why yes I did! Believe it or not, I unplug more often than ever…and when I say unplug this also includes the smart phone! I am sometimes amazed at how many emails, texts, PM’s and voicemails I DON’T have waiting when I re-plug. Nice to know the world keeps on revolving.


Prayer and Meditation

Well, you saw this one coming, didn’t you? Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still, and know that I am God.”  Pretty simple no? Though I am one who can complicate a cheese sandwich, God spells it out in seven simple words! Just be still. Just recognize that He is God and You are not! The weight that came off my shoulders when I first acknowledged this is astonishing! Don’t forget to breathe!

There are numerous ways to slow down; Walking barefoot in the grass, Afternoon Tea, A Bubble Bath,  Tubing over calm waters, Star-Gazing, Walking the dogs, Petting the cat (if he/she will let you), Listening to calm music.  Something for every walk of life. Find your preference and go for it…Don’t forget to breathe!

Stay Blissful My Friends – E

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