Mondays with Michael 6/29/15 – The Disease


The disease is alive, and people are not well, screaming and crying, beyond human aid, their living in hell,
Wake up man, can’t you see the sun is shining? Too far gone, he’s concentrating on drinking and dying,
I wish I could save him, and help him see the light, it makes me sad, this use to be my life,
As I cry, I feel your pain, just give me your hand, there ain’t no shame,
There’s still hope you can do it, I’ll hold your hand, I’ll walk you through it,
If God saved me, he can save you,
Don’t give up, you can be a miracle too,
Your a good man with a good heart,
Keep fighting, Never Give Up, punch the disease in the face, let’s show em what’s up!
All I can say is you have so much love,
If you want to live, your going to need help from above,
Please take my hand, please I don’t want you to die from this horrible disease…
Never Give Up…
Live 2 Love…

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