Sunday Shot of Bliss I.


So dig this: I arrive at a weekend convention with a rather large gathering of people who wish to remain anonymous.  Going through the schedule, I find a workshop titled “Following Your Bliss”.  Coincidence? I think not.

Not knowing exactly what to expect, I arrive early to listen to some of the loveliest people share how unexpectedly they are doing what they love to do. How it all came to be through imperfect faith and with the motivation and support of other people you would never guess would become the encouraging souls they are. Miracles begat miracles…

One speaker a successful entertainer, another working on his state bar and the third, a young man finishing up his PhD in genetic science. None of these gentlemen ever believed they would be where they are today.  Most likely, neither did the people who knew them.

Wishing I could take notes at a faster pace, this is what I  gleaned from this workshop and it is pretty damn powerful!

1.  Trust your instincts – Even if they don’t make sense. You will know in your gut which decision is the right one.

2.  Be fearless. It’s ok to be afraid, but do it anyway.  A recent action/step I took:  When I bought this domain and committed to writing 3 times a week.

3.  Appreciate the process. Even the sucky times are something you will look back on with fondness.

4.  Dare to dream!  This very blog is just one baby step towards my dream!

5.  We can do anything, regardless of our pasts.  Oh I have a past for sure. Though I do not regret it nor wish to shut the door on it, I do not have to let it hold me back.

Each speaker repeated this quote from another everyday person: “My life is unfolding into goodness and happiness”.

If you don’t feel the power in this statement, I am more than happy to repeat it “MY LIFE IS UNFOLDING INTO GOODNESS AND HAPPINESS”…Get it? Got it? Good!

And it is all good! I am one who truly believes that we exist for a bigger purpose than paying bills and then dying.  I wish you all this wonderful unfolding…and of course: Bliss! Stay blissful my friends. – E

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