Freedom – By Michael T. Clark


With Michael’s permission, I am pleased to share these lovely words with you all. Stay Blissful my friends! – E

I see so clearly now,
Everything is so real,
Thanks to the Universe and God,
I’m almost healed,
So happy I survived, I’m full of love,
I can finally feel,
My body is strong, my spirit is alive,
I’m full of gratitude, thank God I survived,
I’m here to help those in need, never give up, together we can achieve,
I’m living proof, there is a way out of this disease,
We’re going have to fight, were going have to cry, through truth and compassion, no one else needs to die,
There is hope, there is light,
I’ll hold your hand, I’ll guide you through the night, when you wake up,
You’ll be free, welcome to this beautiful life…
Live 2 Love…

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