Snow and Bubbles

An evening at the Ameristar Resort and Casino with my hubby.

There is a rooftop outdoor jacuzzi at this fine establishment. We decided to check it out instead of the usual surrendering of our finances to “the house”. It was about 10:00 PM when we shivered over to the hot tub and stepped in. Less than a minute later, it started to snow.

Ah the feeling of a heated bubble bath while trying to catch snowflakes with my tongue. The hubby and I snuggling, giggling and enjoying the moment. No social media, no pictures taken and posted to Facebook later. A memory that will only live in our minds and in our hearts.

We have just celebrated 3 years of marriage and have fallen into one of many ruts that occur during the span of marriage. It has been a difficult year financially for us and we were unable to take our annual vacations.  Fortunately, his mother decided to treat us to a night at the Ameristar.

There is no doubt that we love each other. Sometimes, as we get caught up in our careers, home projects and family issues, words enter our minds but fail to leave our lips. Thoughts of how grateful we are for the difficult times as well as the good times. How we struggled so much in the beginning and faced many traumatic experiences. The miscarriage, family deaths, my many surgeries and my struggle with Gastroparesis (losing 65 lbs. due to my inability to eat).

His affair with another woman while we were engaged and how that strengthened, rather than defeated us. How it made us BOTH deal with our commitment issues and then making the ultimate commitment – Marriage.

The drive home from our trip brought these words out and we remembered together, adding one more memory to the list: The one of snow and a bubbling hot tub, being close to each other – Physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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