Lazy, Unmotivated, Distracted or Just got a lot on my mind?

Taking the day off to hang out with the hubby. So far I have done Yoga, Abhyanga, hung out in the steam tent and now having my morning coffee.

I would love to clean the house before we head out to the mountains. Yet, I find myself scrolling through a multiple amount of motivational memes on Facebook.  They are starting to become a distraction. Like, don’t we already know this stuff? Don’t we already live it? It is indeed the same stuff over and over.  And I find they sometimes encourage poor behavior.

We women can be bad asses, but we don’t have to be. And we certainly don’t have to be bad asses 24-7.  Social media can be very addicting and  time consuming.

I think about some of the videos that shame men for trying to talk to women walking by and I am annoyed.  Today’s women don’t experience what the women in the workforce before me did. Sexual harassment was real and ugly. Not saying it doesn’t happen anymore but I feel we have become over sensitive.

I feel that when people think of women’s causes they think only of abortion and birth control.  Not seeing the desire to earn what we are worth in the workforce. Wanting some respect for our talents.  Still there are many companies that have evolved into good cultures that provide these very things.  So maybe we don’t win in the political spectrum, but awareness has been raised. Maybe the companies that don’t feel “forced” to do this by the government will want to do this because it is just the right thing to do. I believe there are far more good CEO’s out there than bad.

Ah…..the last sip of my coffee and  I am off to the mountains.


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