The Fall Season

The season of letting go. Putting projects aside and preparing for a Winter rest.

Recently, I have approached the Ayurvedic lifestyle. It has been an interesting journey. I see my imbalances and work on them with diligence. I love how it is based on the seasons. Not difficult to understand, a bit difficult to apply. When I follow the process, things go rather well. I get enough rest, do not feel bloated and I don’t snap at people.

Participated in a 7 day cleanse, which brought back painful memories of when I was starving during the four years I suffered from Gastroparesis. I realize my relationship with food is a bit tense right now.  Still, I have let go of my sugar, bread and processed foods intake considerably.

I have discovered date syrup. Yum. Wonderful in coffee!

Speaking of letting go, I just let go of some toxic family members this week. For sanity sake I find this is what is best. I know it is only temporary and if there is need for absolution, I am sure there is a meme on Facebook that would help…..

I love wearing scarves. Fall is a good time for big, fluffy, warm scarves. So many colors; Rust, Red, Brown, Yellow, Orange. The warmth reminds me of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. All, tasting so good in a warm cup of milk.

Driving to work this morning, seeing that the leaves have all fallen….I must admit it is now time for snow to fall and make things pretty again. Of course now that the Republicans have taken over, the whole world is going to sh!t and that probably won’t happen right? Well, you win some you lose some and the world keeps moving. There is nothing new under the son. Keep the faith in your causes, keep speaking up, and voting. But for today…..Easy Does it


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